Boost Your Fitness Motivation

For the majority of us, just getting to the gym is the hardest part of a workout. After a long day in the office and sitting in traffic, the only thing you feel like doing is relaxing at home. Building new habits and routine will lead to fitness, which will end in results, whether you’re looking to lose weight, tone or gain muscle mass.

Fitness is all about the state of the heart and lungs and making sure they get enough exercise. To achieve that, you have to do strenuous exercise regularly. Going for a brisk walk is not enough, you need to exercise at a pace that will leave you breathless.

Try some of these simple motivation tips to help keep you moving, but most importantly, have fun!

  1. Visualise Your Success
    The more you think about your goals and imagine them, the higher the chance is that your idea will become a reality. Imagine how it will be to reach the goal you have set for yourself. It is also important to focus on smaller goals to keep you motivated to reach that one main goal you have set for yourself. Smaller goals to focus on could be things like making sure you get enough sleep during the week, or eat the right amount of healthy meals.
    Having big ambitions isn’t a bad thing, but throwing too much at yourself will only make you feel overwhelmed and lead to failure. Smaller goals will build momentum and confidence which will make you give 100% effort each time you exercise.

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  2. Rewards
    Achieving the smaller goals you set for yourself should be rewarded. Buying new workout clothing is not only a reward but with encourage you to keep at it while looking and feeling good. Be aware though, that a reward shouldn’t set you back from all the positive improvements you’ve made. That means limiting the amount of ice-cream you have if you choose that as a reward. Rewards make fitness more fun, positive and motivating. Plus, the right incentive might be all you need to achieve incredible things.
  3. Fitness Friend
    Find a friend that has similar goals to yours and workout with them. This will make your fitness journey a huge success as you can keep each other accountable and push each other when needed. If you cant find a fitness friend then try joining a class or group activity that would help you reach your goals.
  4. Keep It Interesting
    It is natural for bordem to fluctuate from day to day. Don’t give boredom a chance, introduce a fun activity to keep you motivated. Try training in a different place, like the park, the beach, at home or on your patio. Music can also give you the extra push you need so use it to your advantage to keep you moving.
  5. Workout in the morning or straight after work
    Once you get home from work and relax on the sofa, there’s no getting up again. Try to outwit your weaker self and go for a run or do bodyweight training in the morning. Not a morning person? All you have to do is clear away all the obstacles keeping you from exercising after work. For instance, pack your gym bag the evening before and take it with you to the office. This way you can go right to the gym after work or go for a run. You’ll be so happy afterward that you’ve worked out and can collapse on the sofa and relax.
  6. Schedule it
    It only takes a few seconds to add your workout to your calendar, but doing so goes a long way toward helping you build habits and stay consistent. When you put exercise into your calendar (no matter how short or long), you prioritise the workout in your day and it creates a mini-commitment to get it done. As a result, you have to schedule your appointments around your workouts — instead of the opposite — so you never run out of time by day’s end. This takes a lot of the obstacles out of exercise, which makes it easier to get it done.
  7. Think Positive
    What you say carries more weight than you think. For example, do you ever say things (or hear other people say things) like:

Unfortunately, these phrases can limit your results and become self-fulfilling statements. Start being very careful and intentional with what you say (and think!), and try using more positive and empowering statements like:

  • I can do it.
  • It’s getting easier and easier every time.
  • I will reach my goals.

Change your thoughts, and you’ll change your results.

It may not seem possible right now, but if you find a type of workout you genuinely enjoy and stick with it for a while, it will become part of your daily routine. Once something becomes a habit, it becomes much easier to stay motivated. With time, you may find that staying motivated to work out is no problem at all. The key to finding, and maintaining, fitness motivation is to make your workouts part of your daily life.