Saam Staan For People And Animals

This is NPO is definitely a proponent of the ‘Yes, we can! attitude and are all about actively uplifting the community they live in. While busy rescuing and rewilding thousands of flamingos, Craig Van Rensburg, Project manager-Kimberley Dog Park of Saam Staan Kimberley chats to us about one of their newest projects, a dog park.

Firstly, tell us about Saam Staan Kimberley, obviously a very busy and constructive organisation by the sounds of it.


Saam Staan Kimberley is a non-profit organisation with registration number 155-708 NPO which was originally established as a neighbourhood watch programme in conjunction with the Community Policing Forum to curb crime in the city. As time went on we found ourselves getting more involved in helping the community whether it be people or animal-related. We are currently seven administrators with full time jobs who have different strong key points and therefore we will run projects that relate to a certain administrator. We have a set amount of projects we plan each year, however we help where we can, when we can! The business sector plays a big part of helping us reach the goals we set out, as a non-profit organisation we fully rely on funding or services from this sector and various individuals. We have recently started to offer an advertising service for the Kimberley Area where businesses can market their products or services for only R50 a month, the funds are used to run the NPO’s infrastructure and for smaller projects in the community. We also recently launched our mobile app SAAM STAAN KIMBERLEY available to download on Google Play Store & Apple store.

Why a dog park?

There are many positive reasons for building a dog park, especially when it will be the first park in the Northern Cape Province! It will provide a safe place for dogs to get rid of excess energy which in turn makes them easier to handle at home. The park will include an agility obstacle course which will provide a lot of exercise for the dogs and owners.The park is currently being built at the Kimberley SPCA with the idea of charging a monthly membership fee. This will help maintain the park and generate funds towards future animal-related projects and upgrading the SPCA’s facility to benefit the animals.

What amount funding are you looking for?

If we were given a million rand tomorrow towards the park, then we would build a park for that amount! We are currently building the park in phases according to the budget or funds we obtain, we decide on what is important to purchase now and what should rather be put on hold for a later stage. We have had a company that has recently sponsored the irrigation system for the entire park which is roughly 1 400 square metres so that has been a huge relief! We keep the public informed on the progress of the park and what we are in need of to complete a certain phase via our Saam Staan Kimberley Facebook Page. I can, however, tell you we do not have the luxury of getting companies in to do the work due to the limited funding but we are able to help unemployed community members on a temporary basis to provide for their families.

Describe the dog park and what it will consist of?

The park will be about 1 800 square metres with approximately 1 400 square metres being covered by grass, sand pits and water features to supply endless fun to your four legged friends! Secure parking with access control will be installed to keep you and your dog/dogs safe. There will be two holding areas for people entering and exiting the park, as well as an eight by four metre seating area covered by a thatched roof and include an area where people can have a braai. Spotlights will be installed to ensure the park can be utilised 24/7. The venue will also host dog shows on a regular basis and trainers will be available on certain days for puppy, obedience and more advanced training classes.

How can the public help?

Join our Facebook Page to see how you can make a difference, alternatively if you would like to make a monetary donation the following banking details should be used:

➡️Saam Staan Kimberley
➡️First National Bank
➡️Acc. 62797675075 (Cheque)
➡️Branch. 210845
➡️Ref: your name & surname with the word PARK
[email protected]