Raucous Toad Sneaks Onto UK Bound Plane

RSPCA Putney Animal Hospital in the UK received an interesting rescue recently. A person who’d travelled to South Africa, had a found this toad after unpacking. Amazingly, he’d made himself at home in their shoe! And he survived to live a new life across the sea. He was identified as a South African Raucous Toad (the person mistook him for a Western Leopard Toad which looks very similar) and Putney RSPCA described on Facebook how he came to be there:

“Meet Walter!!  He’s not your average garden Toad….. he’s flown here all the way from South Africa. This guy was brought into us by one of our Animal Collection Officers after a member of the public in Guildford got a surprise when they returned from the airport following a trip to South Africa. Walter had made himself at home in a shoe in their suitcase and popped out while they were unpacking! He is a South African Raucous Toad from Franschhoek, in South Africa’s Western Cape, and he has beautiful markings. He doesn’t seem to have been too affected by his experience, although he’s not keen on having his photo taken. These pics make him look quite big, but he’s actually really tiny!


“The person who found him wrote a nice letter to accompany him to the hospital telling us all about his trip and that they had named him Walter. As he is not a native species we were a bit concerned about what would happen to him, but fortunately our amazing reptile rescue specialists at Patcham, Brighton, have kindly offered to take him! He will be in the best hands there!! Good luck Walter, it was nice to meet you!!”

Pics courtesy of Putney RSPCA

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