Odd Couple: Jack The Donkey And Diane The Emu

TRYING to separate a donkey and emu couple rescued off an abandoned farm when their owner disappeared, did not go according to plan. Jennifer Gordon of Carolina Waterfowl Rescue, says they took in all the farm’s abandoned animals, but when they tried to place the donkey with their own donkeys, he lashed out at them.

“He attacked other animals when they came near ‘his’ emu. He also cried and the emu paced up and down in a state when they were moved apart,” says Jennifer.


After putting them back to together and observing them over a period, Jennifer said they realised they could not be separated. This led the rescue to deciding they would have to be adopted out together. They also asked followers to name them.

The unusual duo’s fans came up with Jack (the donkey) and Diane (the Emu) after the song by John Cougar Mellencamp, Jack And Diane.

“They’ve obviously been kept together for years. They are perfectly happy together, but Jack does not want any other donkeys, or any other animals, near him or Diane, so they can’t be housed with other donkeys or emus,” says Jennifer.

And now in a happy ending to the story, the duo has been adopted by no less than Hollywood actor, Jeffrey Dean Morgan!  It was after the story went viral Jeffrey let the rescue know that he wanted to adopt them. And famous actor or not, Carolina Waterfowl Rescue did a homecheck on him and on the suitability of his farm!  Luckily for Jeffrey he fit the bill, and they were dropped off at his New York farm in December.

“They have a very nice paddock with lots of green grass. Jeffrey is building them a new heated enclosure, even though the one they have now is very nice. They will be spoiled,” Jennifer told US PEOPLE.

Pics Source: Carolina Waterfowl Rescue