Love Always Whinnies! Just Ask Zulu The Rescued Horse


Zulu, the horse, was found after an eyewitness phoned the Wetnose animal rescue centre with information about a luxury SUV dumping the horse outside Cullinan. The people who dumped Zulu used a hired trailer to transport and then drop him in the field to die.

Centre spokesperson Debbie Buys said when two of her inspectors first reacted to the call-out, they thought the horse was dead. “He was very thin and dehydrated. When the inspectors gave him water, it was as if he was coming back to life.”A local farmer brought water for Zulu, which he drank before he was taken to the animal shelter’s premises.

Back at the organisation’s premises, Zulu’s dehydration was immediately treated with a 6-litre fluid drip and various vitamins. Zulu also had a bit to eat then. And so the slow road to recovery started.


After almost four months, Wetnose staff say he has ‘a newfound zest for life, a good appetite and loves all the attention! He gained a lot of weight, and all his wounds have healed nicely’.

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Now something else has boosted Zulu’s ongoing recovery! Her name is Amber, a beautiful mare, who was recently brought into Wetnose.

The staff at Wetnose are overjoyed: “There’s an old saying; a good woman inspires a man; a brilliant woman will interest him, and a beautiful woman fascinates him…Zulu fell in love; the Cupid’s arrow struck him, and it struck him hard! 😍 He gained an extra sparkle in his eyes and a new gait all in a few seconds! We have never seen him act like this and it was so rewarding to experience this after everything that he went through; a moment that we will definitely treasure!”

For more on Wetnose go to: Wetnose Animal Rescue Centre Facebook

Via Pretoria North Rekord and Wetnose Animal Rescue