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SA Immersive Film Company Help Ellen Raise R73M For Gorillas

A local immersive filmmaker Ulrico Grech-Cumbo joined forces with talkshow host Ellen to make a virtual reality doccie in aid of endangered gorillas.

Tortoise With A Taste For Pyromania

This tortoise set his home alight!

Happy ending for puppy whose leg was broken by teen bodybuilder

Little Rover made headlines towards the end of 2019 after his leg was shattered by a teen bodybuilder.

Hero Pooch Saves Family From Fire

Sam the hero pooch stepped up to the plate when he saved his family from a house fire earlier this month.

Weird And Wacky Shaped Worms Litter California Beach!

There is fossil evidence of the penis worms dating back 300 million years!

Criminal Charges For Cruelty To Captive Predators

The fallen pride of predator farms, where criminal charges have been laid against predator facilities where tigers, lions, leopards and caraculs were found to be suffering under inhumane conditions.

We Are Family – All My Guinea Pigs And Me!

Dog and guinea pigs form their own blended family!

National Animal Rights Day

"We believe in the kinship of all beings, and the possibility for us to coexist in peace and harmony on planet Earth." National Animal Rights Day Declaration

Celebrating National Mutt Day!

Celebrating National Mutt Day and creating awareness around pavement specials or 'braks' that make up a large percentage of companion pets.

Adopt A Pet: Mzananda Clinic Is Overflowing With Unwanted Animals

Mdzananda Animal Clinic in Khayelitsha has already started seeing an influx of homeless pets this November, ahead of the Festive season.

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