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Special Needs Dog And Pigeon’s Adorable Friendship

When special needs dog Lundy met Herman the special needs pigeon, a great friendship was born!

WATCH: KZN Snake catcher captures spitting cobra after woman’s close encounter

A woman from KZN had a nasty surprise when she went outside to eat her dinner during loadshedding… As she sat down, a Mozambique spitting...

Mutant Goat Goes Viral

While the tale of a mutant goat born with a human face in a small village in India has gone viral, vets fear the animal’s days are numbered.

Sangoma’s Beloved Dog Survives Puffadder Bite With No Medication

Sangoma Chris Ntombemhlophe Reid's dog Maggie, has recovered from a puffadder bite without needing medication.

Who You Calling ‘Dummy’?

A pooch with a fascination with baby products swallowed 19 dummies!

Update: Sad News As Shot Dog Still Critical And Owner Dies...

Crowdfunding campaign launched for KZN's heroic pitbull Hunter's vet bills, as concerned community is asked not to inundate vet with calls about his condition.

Update Adopt A Pet 2: Helping The Dogs Of Dogtown

At Dogtown rescues every need is met and dogs are cared for by professional staff. You can help them by adopting, volunteering or donating to this sanctuary.

Help Pretoria SPCA Face Its Biggest Challenge In 2020

In order to deliver on their mandate and protect the animals of Tshwane, qualified SPCA inspectors, support staff, and vehicles are necessary.

SA Immersive Film Company Helps Ellen Raise R73M For Gorillas

A local immersive filmmaker Ulrico Grech-Cumbo joined forces with talkshow host Ellen to make a virtual reality doccie in aid of endangered gorillas.

Tortoise With A Taste For Pyromania

This tortoise set his home alight!

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