2018 Valentine’s Special: 5 Meals Not To Order On Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day couple

Valentine’s Day – especially if you’re on a blind date or in the early stages of a relationship – can be daunting.

Valentine's Day Couple

So when you’re out on a romantic date, be very careful that you don’t make it even more nerve-wrecking. Choosing the wrong meal could lead to a disaster date… and no follow-up call.


Here’s what NOT to order on Valentine’s Day if you want him or her to call again.

Spaghetti Spicy Shrimp

  1. Prawns: They’re messy – and unless you know how to eat them perfectly with a knife and fork, we don’t suggest you order this delicious dish. You don’t want to be licking your fingers while trying to make an impression.
  2. Burgers: Unless your date is taking you to Steers, we suggest you stay away from this one. Not only can it be extremely messy, but not very ladylike for the girls, and not so attractive for the men, either.

Salmon And Egg Burger

  1. Snails: While this might be a divine starter, your date might be a little freaked out by them. Go for a calamari or muscles starter instead.
  2. Pizza: Another messy dish, unless you’re planning to go all out with your cutlery here.


  1. Spaghetti: Unless you’re Italian and have the meal down to a tee, this could be a dangerous one – the rolling, dripping and mouth-filled scenario could cause more embarrassment than anything else.

Happy eating… and happy Valentine’s day.