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Wearing Oversized Sweaters On Skirts

Article By:  Bernita Marais

BEING fashionable means being creative.

IF you want to be trendy, sweaters and skirts are a closet staple — paired together, you have the ultimate go-to outfit for any occasion. However, this trend can easily be overwhelming which is why it has to be all about balance.

While you should pair your oversized knit with any skirt from leather to pleated, long or short, we do have some tips to share. For those taller gals out there, you’re lucky — any shoe will go. From boots to sneakers or heels, you’ll be able to pull it off. However, for the shorter girls, we suggest heels only when trying to pull off this look — and while you’re at it, opt for a chunky knit rather than an oversized one as it could make you look untidy.
Another great way to style this look is to mess it up a bit. Tuck in a small part of the oversized sweater and let the rest drape over the skirt.
Thanks to our images, you can find interesting options and choose the most suitable. I personally like the look of the oversized sweater combined with lightweight long or mid-skirts made of chiffon, silk or cotton, as this looks super feminine and elegant.
No matter what you decide to go with, keep it balanced and remember to always have fun!

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Deneal Florence

Deneal Florence

Assistant fashion editor

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