Ways to make money during lockdown

Making money

Many people have been left out of work in the wake of lockdown, and naturally they’re keen on looking for ways to keep themselves busy and still make money while staying safe at home. If you’re in this position, we’re sharing with you some creative and innovative ideas to keep the boredom at bay and the income incoming.

A portrait photographer in the Netherlands is keeping herself busy and making money by taking family portraits of her neighbours posing looking out of their windows. It’s a great way to spend her time and stay flush, but at the same time she’d helping her neighbours by keeping them busy and capturing some family moments. If you have a camera and a computer (to edit and send the pics) and you live in flats or in an estate where can see your neighbours from a safe distance, you too can hop on this bandwagon. Just take care to make sure you are adhering to the lockdown rules.

family pic


Another way to generate funds is by going through your home and getting rid of unwanted clothes, shoes, furniture, etc. Take pictures of these items and start selling them online. Facebook has a marketplace section dedicated to selling items like this. Even though people cannot collect the items during lockdown, you can start the process by going through your house and find things you no longer need or want. Get yourself ready for when lockdown is lifted to get your selling game on.

old furniture

With schools being closed, parents are looking for educational things for their kids to do online. Authorities are also encouraging students to stay up to date with their studies so that when they do go back to school or university they are not behind with their work. Most schools or universities have set up online tutoring for their students or have given them lots of homework to do during lockdown. Teachers and lecturers can make extra money by offering extra lessons. An idea on how to do so is to create teaching videos for students to watch and send them directly to these students or their parents. Teachers can charge per teaching video they send out.

Online studying

Do you own a sewing machine? Or do you knit? Do you have spare wool or material in your cupboard?  If your answer to these is ‘yes’, how about making some clothing and selling them via social media? Obviously you can only deliver the finished products once lockdown is over, but for now you can start sewing or knitting up a storm. Winter is on its way, so you can make some scarves, jerseys or gloves and market them on Facebook or Instagram.


Many businesses have set up their staff for working remotely. This means companies will still be planning their advertising campaigns and product branding designs.  If you are a graphic designer you can continue to offer your services to these companies. Advertise your business on social media. Do your research and contact companies to offer your services.

graphic design

Start a blog about your interests or hobbies. Bloggers and Instagram influencers worldwide are making money. It does take time to get the ball rolling on this one, but hey, time is now the one thing you have oodles of!


Good luck, stay home and stay safe!