Try These Mood-Boosting Foods

WHILE there are some foods which are great for weight loss, and others which are fabulous mood boosters there are some which benefit both. Great news, right! Try these foods below to manage stress and shed some kilos at the same time…

  1. Oranges: Not only are they filled with Vitamin C which i great for overall health, but oranges (and other food rich in vitamin C such as broccoli, strawberries, pineapple and potatoes) have been proven to be beneficial in combating stress due to its job of decreasing levels of cortisol while straightening your immune system.
  2. Oats: They’re great for breakfast, an potently great for de-stressing, too. Oats, and other whole grains such as quinoa, sou couch and popcorn are high in complex carbohydrates helping your brain to increase production of serotonin, a hormone directly opposed to stress.
  3. Spinach: Foods like spinach, which are rich in magnesium, prevent headaches and fatigue, caused by a lack of magnesium, which in turn prevent stress levels increasing.
  4. Salmon: Omega-3 fatty acids are great for stress and anxiety a they ‘can protect you from surges in stress hormones and also help prevent heart disease and lessen the symptoms of PMS’, report expert.
  5. Avocados: Food which are rich in potassium, like avos and potatoes, help lower blood pressure which gets elevated during stressful periods.
  6. Black tea: It’s heathy, and apparently helps keep you calm. Experts suggest some black tea after a long day, or if you’re struggling to sleep — but stick to herbal options, as you don’t want the caffeine to keep you away.

Did You Know?


  • Chamomile tea helps with the increase of glycine, a chemical that relaxes nerves and muscles and acts like a mild sedative.
  • Studies have shown that taking probiotics could help you relax a little — that’s right, get rid of that anxiety. ‘University of Missouri researchers have determined that a common probiotic in some supplements and yoghurt can decrease stress-related behaviour and anxiety’, reports the website.


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