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Top 5 Fashion Trends

The world of fashion is ever evolving, and we’re committed to keep you up-to-date with the latest in fashion trends.  Just before you start your holiday season shopping, here are our Top 5 trends that should be in your shopping basket that will have you turning heads over the festive season.

When we think of the citrus colours, we relate it to thirst-quenching fruits and freshness. Your favourite citrus fruits are the biggest colours of the season by far, alongside a few others.


Make sure you get noticed by colour blocking. It’s back! Brighten up your wardrobe and add some colour. We know, rainbow-bright colours are eye-catching and not everybody wants to stick out entirely from the crowd. But are you a risk taker or just sticking to what you know? Do not fear to rock this trend, it’s fun, risky and exciting – all at the same time. If you’re not sure how to pair your colours, then make use of a colour wheel to see which shades work well together.


Solid stripes are racing up the legs of your trousers or pants. This is a great trend to dress up or down, and you can definitely make it work for you whilst making your way to the finish line –smiling.


Yes, another play on colour, monochromic dressing keeps things simple if one colour is all you want to commit to. Instead of risking it with colour blocking, start off with this trend to build your confidence!


Blooming flowers inspire us; mixed prints ranging from novelty fruits to palm trees and beautiful flowers. If you’re not brave enough to wear print-on-print, consider matching it with one colour which you pick up in your printed item, just to play it safe.

Deneal Florence

Deneal Florence

Assistant fashion editor

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