NEW MUSIC Friday: Aymos –Zaka


We’ve been keeping our ears on the net, looking out for talented South African musicians and one that caught our attention recently is singer/songwriter Aymos. The 23-year-old’s latest single Zaka has been getting a lot of love on the internet as well as the airwaves and we share the same sentiments. Here, Aymos chats to us about how Zaka came about.


What is the song about and who did you work with on the joint?


The song was inspired by the everyday struggles of ordinary people. We worked with TO Starquality and the song.

What inspired the track?

Seeing people in motion everything morning, up and getting ready to go to their daily jobs. I’m inspired by everything we all go through, preparing the conversion of time to money.


Who are you targeting with this song?

Well, specifically people who are forced to go to work and make a living with very little wages. They work long hours for peanuts.

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