Must See: Nicole Bessick Graces Our Fashion Pages

Nicole Bessick

As flowerbeds burst into live , so too should your wardrobe. Florals for spring may be a dime a dozen, but when paired with the right face and outfit it can elevate your look completely. Actress (and badass boxer) Nicole Bessick shows us exactly how to wear the latest in make-up and fashion trends, so you can shed the winter layers and get into the mood for spring.

Nicole Bessick

TIP: Wearings pointy heels not only adds height, but they also peek out perfectly beneath your wide-legged pants.


Earrings: R250, Colette

Yellow Boob Tube: R349, Parooz Fashions

Pants: R429, Forever 21

Rings: R160, Colette

Heels: R1590, europa Art

Nicole Bessick

TIP: Add a belt to your look to define your waistline.

Earrings: R220, Colette

Pink Dress: Price On Request, DFLO Apparel

Heels: R2350, Castelo

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Nicole Bessick

TIP: Suits are the ultimate fashion statement, and that statement is: less is more. Pair them with a basic T-shirt or bare minimum , if you’re brave enough.

Earrings: R170, Colette

Blazer: R899, Forever New

Pants: R1 299, Forever New

Rings: R160, Colette

Heels: R1 490, Europa Art

Nicole Bessick

TIP: When wearing a solid colour maxi dress – pair it with a printed wrap top for a more interesting look.

Earrings: R160, Colette

Necklace: R340, By Miss Money Penny, The Space

Floral Wrap Top: R449, Parooz

Dress: Price On Request, Forever New

Heels: R2350, Castelo

Europa Art:

Parooz Fashions

Dflo Apparel: 061 489 6700

Colette: 011 880 2134

Forever 21: 076 153 1005

Forever New:

The Space: 011 327 3640


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