Quiz: Madonna At 60 – Who’s That (Birthday) Girl?

By Feats Press

It’s true, Madonna Louise Ciccone celebrates hitting the big 6-0 on today and we’re here to wish her many happy returns and to find out who really knows that girl we’re still fascinated with.

From hit songs to flop movies, dramatic relationships to shock performances, Madonna has set the bar high for today’s music superstars. The Eighties were her heyday but even now Madonna is making headlines as well as music with a new album due out later this year.


As we wish Madge happy birthday, here we join the party with a little contest to separate her true fans from those who just think they are.

1. What was the title of Madonna’s 1982 debut single?

A: Everybody
B: Holiday
C: Ray Of Light

2. In 1984, Madonna famously appeared at the MTV Video Music Awards wearing what outfit?

A: A trouser suit
B: A school uniform
C: A wedding dress

3. Madonna married which rebellious actor in 1985?

A: Mickey Rourke
B: Sean Penn
C: Tom Hardy

4. What was the name of the film Madonna starred in that introduced the hit song, Into The Groove?

A: Desperately Seeking Susan
B: Evita
C: Working Girl

5. The Vatican condemned which Madonna promotional video for Pepsi because of its religious theme?

A: Like a Prayer
B: Express Yourself
C: Hung Up

6. Which Hollywood legend did Madonna star opposite in the 1990 film Dick Tracy?

A: Clint Eastwood
B: Warren Beatty
C: Harrison Ford

7. What was the name of Madonna’s 1992 book that featured provocative and explicit images of the star?

A: Erotica
B: Sex
C: Fifty Shades of Grey

8. For which film did Madonna win a Golden Globe for Best Actress In A Motion Picture Musical or Comedy?

A: Wayne’s World
B: A League of Their Own
C: Evita

9. In 1996, Madonna gave birth to her first child, Lourdes. Who is Lourdes’ father?

A: Guy Ritchie
B: Carlos Leon
C: Michael Jackson

10. Which religion has Madonna had a close affiliation with since the mid-Nineties?

A: Kabbalah
B: Church of England
C: Scientology

11. Madonna recorded Beautiful Stranger for which madcap comedy film?

A: American Pie
B: Blazing Saddles
C: Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

Growing Your Money Tree

12. Where did Madonna and Guy Ritchie get married in 2000?

A: St Paul’s Cathedral, London
B: Skibo Castle, Scotland
C: Luttrellstown Castle, Ireland

13. Which ABBA song does Madonna sample on her 2005 hit Hung Up?

A: Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
B: Waterloo
C: Slipping Through My Fingers

14. Madonna adopted a baby boy in 2006. What is his name?

A: Jonathan Knightley
B: Rocco Ritchie
C: David Banda

15. In what year did Madonna and Guy Ritchie divorce?
A: 2001
B: 2018
C: 2008

16. What was the name of the clothing line that Madonna and daughter Lourdes launched together?

A: Lourdonna
B: Material Girl
C: Lola

17. Madonna adopted two four-year-old sisters from Malawi in 2017, what are their names?

A: Esther and Stella
B: Milly and Mandy
C: Rumi and Sir

18. Madonna has launched her own skincare line called MDNA, but on what unusual part of her body does she claim to use her Chrome Clay Mask on?

A: On her ears
B: On her butt
C: On her feet

19. Madonna is a huge fan of which iconic female artist?

A: Frida Kahlo
B: Tracey Emin
C: Henriette Brown

21. Madonna’s first perfume, Truth or Dare, was supposed to be reminiscent of which iconic perfume her mother wore?

A: Fantasy
B: Shalimar
C: Fracas

21. The singing superstar took a stage tumble and suffered whiplash at which awards ceremony in 2015?

A: The Emmys
B: The Grammys
C: The Brit Awards

22. Which European city has Madonna now relocated to with her adoptive family?

A: Paris
B: Lisbon
C: Berlin

23. Madonna makes a cameo appearance in the 2018 song God Is a Woman but for which super sweet pop star?

A: Ariana Grande
B: Katy Perry
C: Lady Gaga

24. After three decades in the spotlight and countless projects, Madonna’s net worth is estimated to be how much?

A: $590 million
B: $200 million
C: $68 million

25. Madonna is about to direct a film based on the memoirs of ballet dancer Michaela DePrince. What is the movie to be called?

A: Black Swan
B: The Nutcracker Suite
C: Taking Flight

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