Have A Healthy Brain

By Angela Bekiaris

Prevent Brain Injuries With Exercise
Not only will exercise keep your mind healthy, but expert say it will prevent brain injury, too. Studies have shown that regular physical exercise helps the neurons of the brain survive. wikihow.com says scientists believe it’s related to the influx of additional oxygen during the exercise. Walking, for one, is a great way to keep your brain healthy, with experts claiming that adding weights to your walks could do wonders for your mind. Anything from garden work to house work can keep both body and mind in tip-top shape, so you have no excuse – what are you waiting for?

There are so many fun and easy ways to keep your mind in check.
1. Challenge Yourself Mentally
Experts suggest learning a new skill to keep your mind active and focused. So if there’s anything you’ve ever wanted to start doing, this is the time.
Play brain games: crossword puzzles are not just for the elderly.
Practise memorisation and try to memorise things like telephone numbers, birthdays, grocery lists – whatever works for you, just keep learning and memorising.
Use your free time to read – it won’t just improve your knowledge but will keep your brain stimulated and happy. Did you know that it helps slow the onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia?


2. Engage In Social Activities:
Staying in touch with friends, socialising, and volunteering your free time will work wonders for your mind. Not only are you getting to meet new people and spend quality time with those you love, but you’re lowering stress levels while doing so. So phone up that friend, or cook for those in need – any good deed of socialising is a good for you, too. While you’re at it, expand your social circle, say experts. According to studies, higher levels of social interaction relate to lower risks of poor mental health.