Happy Birthday Little Fashionista, North West

by Deneal Florence
Happy Birthday North West

If you had North West’s parents you were most likely to be born a little star too. Both her parents are fashion icons and most certainly this apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

From what we have seen, North has so much sass and seems super confident (in her mom’s faux fur coats and shoes) which is good for in foundation phase. If you haven’t seen her rock her mom’s heels, we suggest you take a look at Kim’s Instagram and come back and tell us that you 100% agree. It takes courage to rock those big heels with such tiny feet, but she makes it look so easy.

The little fashionista celebrates her birthday today, and in case you wondering what your daughter could wear this weekend, let us help you with a little bit of style inspiration from fashion icon North West.

Happy Birthday North West

Happy Birthday North West

Puffer Jacket: R899, By Country Road, Woolworths

Happy Birthday North West

Back Velvet Dress: R250, Woolworths

Happy Birthday North West

Stocking: R180, Woolworths

Happy Birthday North West

Lace Up Boots: R633-844, Next


Woolworths: http://www.woolworths.co.za

Next: http://www.nextdirect.com

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