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FASHION TIPS: Going For Gold!

Not sure what colour accessories to pair your look with? Think no further and go for gold, darlings. You can never go wrong with pairing your look with gold accessories. Jewellery plays a big role in adding interest to your outfit and also transforms your basic outfit into an eye-catching look.

We love the idea of layering gold chunky jewellery, from bangles and rings to necklaces. If its drama you want, then it’s with gold you’ll find it. When layering your necklaces start with the chunkiest necklace and move on to your longer much thinner chains. When layering bangles, the options are endless. The secret to stacking lies within you – you will know when it is too much, and quite frankly it’s never too much, so get stacking, ladies!

A little tip: When trying to get the most out of your costume jewellery or purchasing new custom costume jewels, always remember to paint them with clear nail polish, as this helps with making your jewels stay gold for longer.

Layered Necklace: R499, By Witchery, Woolworths

Disk Bangle: R224, Next

Gold Link Necklace With Matching Bracelet: R59.99, Mr Price


Disk Drop Earrings: R79.95, Woolworths


Chain With Pendant: R29.99, Mr Price


Cut-Out Cuff: R161, Next


Linked Studs: R299, BY Country Road, Woolworths


Rings: R349, By Country Road, Woolworths


Leaf Cut- Out Earrings: R349, By Witchery, Woolworths


Satin Choker: R29, By Jewels And Lace, Zando




Mr Price:


Woolworths: 011 290 1011

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Deneal Florence

Deneal Florence

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