Spilling Secrets: How To Recreate VS Hair At Home

Following the 22nd annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show which was held in Shanghai yesterday, ghd global ambassador and curl connoisseur Adam Reed gives his tips on how to recreate the coveted Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show hair at home.

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Hair At Home

“It’s a modern, luxe wave this year; more luxe and dressed than before. It’s a move on the from the undone beach wave of the past, to something more structured and beautiful” says ghd global ambassador Adam Reed.

Here’s how to get the look.

  1. A good blow-dry is essential to set the foundation of the hair before tonging it. Blow-dry hair smooth using the ghd Air hairdryer (R1899) and ghd Ceramic Vented Radial Brush size 4 (R360).
  2. Once blow-dried spritz hair with ghd Curl Hold Spray (R220) and use the ghd curve soft curl tong (R2399) throughout the hair to create waves. Wind small sections of hair around the tong, wrapping hair in one direction, away from the face. This will give a beautiful modern and voluminous wave.
  3. Brush through hair with a ghd paddle brush (R340) and then gently shake the curls out using your hands for a tousled, sexy and modern finish.
  4. Finally spray ghd Final Fix Hairspray (R220) all over to hold the style in place.

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Hair At Home

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