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Turning Heads: The Prettiest Updos You Never Saw

WE’VE seen every possible variation on the red carpet over the years, but there’s just something about statement updos that commands attention – especially if it comes as a surprise. When someone enters the room looking striking and then turns around to reveal an intricate upstyle, it’s definitely a cinematic moment. Because we’ve always got your back (see what we did there?), these styles might be ‘meh’ from the front, but they’re marvellous at the back and easy to copy.

Do The Twist

FROM the front Alicia Vikander‘s sleek updo keeps the focus on her subtle cat eyeliner.  At the back, the beautiful low twisted bun completes the star’s look. Massage a handful of mousse through side-parted hair. Twist the side sections to create spirals of hair, pulling them towards the back of the head and twist with the rest of the hair into a bun.

Natural Hair Moment

WHEN we saw Issa Rae‘s Golden Globes make-up, we were totally sold. Then the star turned around and we fell in love with her hair too. Her hair was pulled back into an elaborate and elegant chignon at the nape of her neck. There’s nothing worse than having an updo ruined by pesky hair frizz and fly-away strands. Keep them controlled by making sure your hair is in tip-top condition and well hydrated. Use treatment masks once or twice a week depending on your hair needs.

TIP: AFTER styling, spritz a large, clean make-up brush with hairspray and brush over your strands to keep fly-aways at bay.

Eleven’s Hairstyle

UPON first glance, Millie‘s stunning silk dress is paired perfectly with a smooth topknot, but it wasn’t until she turned around that we saw how truly fierce the young star is. From the back, her hair doesn’t hold back! Three reverse French braids spiral around her bun. This is how you do young, elegant and modern at the same time. Prep hair with sea-salt spray for extra hold.

Bleached Blonde Ambition

NEVER afraid to venture into the unknown, Zoe Kravitz’s hair is always ultra-modern and ultra-cool. Her braids are already interesting, being platinum blonde and micro-sized, but then she adds a chignon with non-braided pieces at the back and sports shave sides too. Talk about looking great from every angle!

TIP: CRISSCROSS pins for more hold and try to match the colour of the pins to hair so they blend in with your strands.

Coming Undone

RITA Ora loves to play with styles (especially top knots), so you have to hand it to her when she comes up with things that look this amazing, yet simple. We especially love the samurai sleekness of the end tail. Somewhere between a chignon and ponytail, the samurai updo found its own place in fashion and our hearts. Simply leave the ends of your hair free and run a straightening tool or serum over the piece.


CHRISTINA Milian‘s wearing just another regular old topknot, right? Wrong! From the side, you can see she’s actually rocking a seriously sweet triple knot. When sectioning individual pieces for multiple knots, use a spray to make sure hair is damp, but not soaking wet or dry – wet hair will take forever to dry if drenched in water. For each individual knot, a twist should be created. This can be done by rolling the twist into a circular motion as if you were swirling ice cream into a bowl and tucking the ends under to secure.

TIP: DAY old hair will make it much easier to style (and keep) hair in place.



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