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Trend To Try: I Woke Up Like This!

I Woke Up Like This!

PERMANENT make-up has been around since the early 1980s. But it’s back and better than ever! This cosmetics procedure employs tattooing as a means of creating fuller lips, perfectly shaped brows and stand out eyeliner. Permanently. If you’ve ever been tempted to sleep with make-up on, then this is definitely for you! Beauty specialist, Maralize van Wyk, gives us the answers to our most pressing permanent make-up questions.

I Woke Up Like This!What permanent make-up procedures are there to choose from?

THERE are a variety of procedures to choose from: the most popular being eyebrows (microblading), lip liner, lip blush or gloss, full lip and eyeliner. Areola and scalp pigmentation are also becoming very popular. Permanent make-up is taking the industry by storm and anything is possible!

Who is a good candidate for permanent make-up?

PEOPLE that benefit most from these procedures are those with busy lifestyles that don’t have time to apply make-up every day, people participating in sport activities that don’t want to look washed out during work outs, those with eyebrow hair loss due to waxing, tweezing or medical conditions, people with asymmetrical eyebrows and/or lips or anyone struggling with sensitive skin or allergies to conventional make up, among others.

Permanent make up is not only for ladies, but for men too. It is quite common for men who suffer from alopecia (hair loss can occur on eyelash area, head or the entire body) to have permanent make up done. The greatest benefit of permanent make-up is that there will be no more time spent in front of the mirror trying to perfect your look and no more smudges or worn out make-up.

How safe is permanent make-up?

IT is a very safe procedure, if done correctly within a sterilized environment. It’s also very important to choose the correct artist. Consider the following when looking for a permanent make-up artist: is the setting clean, are all needles sealed, are masks worn during the procedure and is equipment covered with protective plastics and cleaned after each procedure? Most importantly, look at portfolio pictures, which should include before, after and healed results, ask for references and make sure that the artist belongs to a reputable association, such as pcasa (Permanent Cosmetics Association of South Africa).
Are the procedures painful?

IT depend on the client, as well as external factors such as medications, lifestyle & medical conditions. If the correct topical aesthetic is used, the procedure is not painful.

Will I be able to see each procedure drawn on before the procedure is started?

YES, I believe that the client needs to look at the final result every day and it is important for the client to feel completely comfortable with the ‘design’. The permanent make-up artist should also consult with the client on the desired outcome.

How long does it take until you can see the final result?

PERMANENT make-up is a 2-step process. The touch up is usually done 4 weeks after the initial appointment.

I Woke Up Like This!

I Woke Up Like This!

A very important note: Disclose any medication or medical conditions to the permanent make-up artist before any procedure is performed. If there are any allergies the permanent make-up artist and client will discuss this at the consultation and decide on the correct process to follow. The correct aftercare should be followed to prevent reaction and to get the best healed result.

I Woke Up Like This!

BREAST cancer is a very traumatic & emotional experience for any person. After chemotherapy, radiation and operations, some patients unfortunately loose there nipples and areola due to cancer cells present in the tissue. Most ladies (or men) end up never having nipple & areola reconstruction done due to the fact that they don’t want to go through yet another procedure or because of the added expense. I Woke Up Like This!

Nipple-Areola Complex tattoos (NAC) is the final step after the long & traumatic breast reconstruction process. This is a non-surgical procedure to reconstruct the nipple & areola, using local anaesthetics, different size needles & colour pigments to create a 3D nipple. “Areola pigmentation is a very successful procedure and overwhelming ‘wow’ to the client” says Maralize. “My goal is to help ladies (and men) set these fears aside and to give them back their confidence, femininity & most important beautiful breasts.”


IT is common for men to get breast cancer and in effect they can also lose their areola and nipples.

Contact Maralize at Belezza Eterna on 071-605-1853 or visit their website.



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