Trend To Try: Rapunzel Hair

EVEN if you spend a good chunk of your day tugging your hair out from under bag straps, scarves or collars, long hair is still #goals. No need to go short. On the contrary, celebs are taking long hair to the next level. Seriously. Rapunzel hair has been EVERYWHERE. And we want in. An easy way to get the look? Clip in hair extensions. They are totally underrated. It’s non-permanent and does not damage natural hair. They are easily clipped in and out of hair in minutes and can be seamlessly matched you’re your own hair colour. Instant length and volume! If you want to embrace the Rapunzel hair trend, need more volume for your thin hair or just always wanted longer locks, Clipinhair has got you covered!

Trend To Try: Rapunzel Hair

8 must-knows when using ClipinHair:

  1. Because all our extensions are made from Indian hair, and it is not attached to a cuticle anymore, it needs a lot of care to remain shiny and healthy looking. Oil is your friend, whether Argan, Moroccan or even Coconut, you want to apply it regularly to maintain a healthy looking mane.
  2. You can skip a wash or two. When it comes to washing your extensions, less is more, so we recommend washing it with sulphate free shampoo and conditioner every 10 to 15 wears.
  3. If you wish to save time, clip the pieces onto each other, so that a three clip weft is clipped onto a 4 clip weft, etc. That way you need less time to clip each piece in.
  4. When you wish to curl your hair, clip it onto the hanger and hook the hanger on to a mirror. That way it is easier than curling it after it has been attached to your head.
  5. If you wish to curl your hair without heat and create a natural wave, wet the hair, spray hair spray onto it and braid it into 4 braids. Leave it overnight to dry, so that when you open the hanger and loosen the braids, you have lovely lose curls.
  6. If you wish to wear a side braid or fish tail, clip the hair in vertically, instead of horisontally, to allow for a path.
  7. When deciding between two colours, go for the lighter one if you want an ombré look, and the darker option if you want an even look. Remember, you can always colour the extensions darker, but cannot bleach them to make them lighter.
  8. No matter how pretty you look, don’t sleep with your extensions in. Clip them out and pop them in again the next morning. The friction of the clips against the pillow could cause your hair to break.

Trend To Try: Rapunzel Hair

About ClipinHair

ClipinHair is an online hair care and cosmetics company that provides South Africans with superior quality products and best known for the clip-in hair extensions. The range comes in 24 audacious colours, with four choices of thicknesses and with two styles – straight or wavy. The hair extension range also offers clip-in bangs and clip-in ponytails for the trendier consumer.

Clipinhair is Luxury High Quality Clip In Hair sold to you at an affordable price. Visit their website at to order yours. Contact them on (021) 461-7750 or e-mail [email protected] for more information

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