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Trend To Try: Neon Hair Trend

WHILE we’re bombarded with beautiful, interesting coloured hair on Instagram, it’s almost weird to see all-over natural colour. Case in point: the newest celebrity-followed hair trend: neon coloured hair. Marc Jacobs explains the trend perfectly after his 1980s-inspired fashion show that featured geometric cuts with flashes of neon: ‘It was about doing hair that really popped out, that wasn’t meant to be natural at all or like you had done it yourself.’ Crazy colour like this is all about standing out. But how can us mere mortals get the look? Here are five things to keep in mind before taking the plunge into neon. But first some celebrity inspo.

Cardi B: If you can rock bright green hair, you can probably pull off anything.


Firetruck red is definitely Bella Thorne’s hue.


Justine Skye masterfully switches between various purple-hued styles to keep her look fresh.


Lil’ Kim’s long, acid-yellow hair perfectly co-ordinated with her corset-style top.


Blue and yellow hair looks are the easiest to create (and maintain) on pre-lightened hair. Look to Sza for your inspiration.


Katy Perry finds it easy being green!


Kim Kardashain‘s neon green Lamborghini and wig combo has influenced the luminous hair trend.

Kylie Jenner has rocked every hair colour EVER.


Nicki Minaj served us ulra-violet ombre of the wet-and-wavy variety.

Blac chyna counts this lapis-blue ‘do as part of her extensive hair library.

Skai Jackson took a deep green hue for a test drive during New York Fashion Week.

  1. YOU might risk some hair damage while in the pursuit of neon hair. This is because the foundation for the colours has to be very light, which means bleach. Even if your hair is naturally light, it will probably still need to be pre-bleached for the colour to stay and show. Bleach on the sections of hair you are looking to get coloured is necessary and sometimes toning is also needed. Once hair is lightened beyond the yellow stage, any neon shade will be possible.
  2. IF you’re not one for getting regular bi-weekly dyes, then you might want to give neon hair a skip. It’s high maintenance and you should expect regular root touch ups, especially if your hair grows quickly. Along with the damage that will no doubt be an issue when styling your new shade, there’s other concerns as well. Take into consideration: length. Short-hair, in our opinion, is more difficult to style than long, healthy tresses.
  3. WHEN planning a major hair colour overhaul, chances are you’re not even considering that your make-up might need a change too. The go-to lipstick you’ve worn every day for the past year suddenly doesn’t look right anymore. Kim Kardashian changes her foundation, blush and most importantly brows to suit whatever her newest choice in mane colour is. The colour of your hair alters the way your complexion appears, so some make-up shades may not be as flattering and may make you think a certain hair colour doesn’t suit you.
  4. HAIR colour doesn’t come cheap – and we’re not talking about box colour. A professional salon visit can set you back quite a lot. Particularly when you’ll have to pencil in your colourist more than once a month. But when making a change as big as bright hair there’s no other way to do it. Do your research before booking an appointment with a pro. Find a professional that does a lot of vibrant colours and has the pictures to show it. And bring along your own Pinterest-worthy hair idea too.
  5. IF you aren’t ready to do full-on permanent colour. There’s no need to go wig hunting yet. Instead, there are some super simple and effective temporary hair colours that do the job just as well. From semi-permanent colour to wash-out options, they can pack a colourful punch without the commitment.


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