Trend To Try: Frost Yourself

WE remember the nineties fondly as the era of the Spice Girls, Clueless and The Rachel haircut. But we also have PTSD form the nineties. Should we remind you of butterfly clips (yes, grown females used to wear these!), plucked-to-death eyebrows and lipliner that didn’t actually need to match your lipstick choice. All these are enough to have us never want to think of that dark time in beauty history ever again…But a few of these trends are endearing, nay awesome. Here’s one nineties flashback trend we’d give a go again.

Millie Bobby Brown And Josephine Skriver


PLEASE don’t confuse this updated shimmery lip with the nineties’ version that was a chalky, pastel-white frosting. New and better lip formulas deliver a smoother finish and an even application with a bit of light reflectivity. When deciding on a frost that’s right for you, stick with those in the warm family, like a golden shimmer or a shimmer that’s the same colour as the lipstick.

Lip Lingerie Shimmer Clear: R159.95, NYX, Lipshine No. 7: R196, Black Up, Pretty Punk Lipglass In Buzz Cut: R240, MAC Cosmetics And Continuous Color Pigments In Gold: R79.95, Black Radiance, Dis-Chem

TIP: MIX loose gold or shimmery eye shadow pigments with a salve or petroleum jelly to make your own custom colour.