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This Festive Seasons Hottest Looks

It’s Christmas time so take out your best dress or suit and celebrate Christmas in style. It doesn’t matter where you’re going to be, just as long as you have your best Christmas look on lockdown. Many think you have to wear colours of Christmas which is not true. You can look festive in many different colours,it all depends on how you choose to put it together or what style you get. When you think of dressing for Christmas, you think glam, bold and festive but you may feel overwhelmed as you either don’t want to look like a Christmas tree or just don’t know what to wear for Christmas parties and family gatherings. Which is why we decided to show you items that would be incredible for Christmas and not only can they be worn for Christmas but can also be part of your wardrobe and some can even be worn every day.


Tip:If you want to add accessories to your look, make sure the jewellery itself either matches or compliments the colour scheme of your outfit. You can match the necklaces colour to your attire.Hoops: R149, Accessorize

Beaded grey pearl Dress: POR, Keys Fashion

Clutch: POR, Accessorize

Beaded Mule: R1990.00, Europa Art



Tip:Now you might be wondering, where would you wear this to? Well dresses up parties are quite huge around the festive seasons so even if you would be wearing this once, you still want to stand out and dressed the part.Navy Blue embroidered dress with ruffled attachment on hips:  POR, Keys Fashion

Navy blue diamante Earrings: R2890.00, Folli Follie

Beaded Mule: R1990.00, Europa Art



Tip:The great thing about black is no matter how detailed it is, you can still get away with colour so have fun but remember to keep it to one coloured item.Black beaded Dress: POR, Keys Fashion

Tassel Earrings: Stylists Own

Red lace up Heels: R189.00, Mr Price



Accessorize: (011) 615-7755

Europa Art: (011) 883-5354

Sissy Boy: (011) 883 0322

Mr. Price: (011) 784 8465

Keys Fashion: (083)  279 7055

Folli Follie: 011 883 0565

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