The Modern Browmance

AS woman we tend to spend a lot of time making ourselves up in the mornings just to look presentable to the world, when there are so many other resources for us to look and even feel better, with no wasted time in getting ready in the mornings. Wouldn’t you love that extra bit of beauty sleep every day? Just an extra 15 minutes to feel rejuvenated and fresh! Treatments that allow us to get up and go and still feel beaBrowmanceutiful without spending too much time is every girl’s dream! Microblading has helped to make this a reality. Paramedical Micro-Pigment Specialist, Nicol Frank from Blush gives us five things to consider before microblading your brows to celeb-approved perfection, so you can start your browmance!


  1. Microbladed brows are not permanent. They last three to five years, with colour refreshers done annually. Microbladed brows can be changed in terms of the colour and shape when doing the yearly refreshers. They can be darkened or lightened according to the client’s preference.
  2. Two sessions are needed for the perfect brows! Your average person needs about two sessions. The initial session, and then a follow up session six weeks later for touch-ups. You then do yearly colour refreshers to keep the brows looking fresh. Save up! It’s the very best investment.
  3. Some skin types retain ink better than others – very oily skin types are the most difficult skin type to work with. Oily skin has a risk of rejecting the pigment and are more prone to pigment hydration, which is where the pigment fans into each other, the strokes blend and it ends up looking like a powder-filled brow more than it looks like distinct strokes. Even so, it’s still a worthwhile investment and still makes the world of difference. Microblading also encourages hair growth, so more often than not, your brows will be much more dense and full.
  4. Your eyebrows are not entirely identical – they are sisters not twins. The key is to keep them as similar as possible, while keeping their natural charm.
  5. Your brows lighten after scabs come off. It takes six full weeks for the colour to pull through the skin, this is why we wait six weeks before doing a touch up. Yes, they will be darker when they are first done and while they are healing, but do not panic, they will settle and lighten considerably.
  6. Brows can always be fixed – If you don’t like something about your brows, they can be fixed, even after microblading has been done.
  7. Before your appointment, let your brows grow out. Do not get them waxed, threaded or plucked. Allow your therapist to shape them properly.
  8. Think about the colour and shape that you’d like, but be realistic. When microblading is done, it looks most natural when kept in the natural hairline. Your brow colour should match your natural hair and brow colour.
  9. It is mostly a painless procedure. The brows are completely numbed to make sure that no pain is felt and to assure that it’s as comfortable as possible.
  10. Make sure you follow the aftercare instructions. They are there for a reason and if you follow them as you should, your results will be fantastic. A therapist can tell when a client has not followed the correct and instructed aftercare procedure.


Before & After

Nicol recommends RapidBrow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum: R999, Rapidlash


This peptide, vitamin and mineral-based serum is ideal if you’re looking to treat both your brows and lashes. It can be used before going for microblading, but not while brows are healing.

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