The Best Beauty Tips My Mom Gave Me

No one knows anything better than your mom, which is why we turn to her for the best beauty tips out there…

Moms – oh how lost we would be without them! They have the answers to everything, and regardless of how much we hate to admit it, they really are almost always right. Our moms have also been through some seriously cool eras (hello 60s and 80s!) and because of this, have experienced ALL the beauty trends.

From the awesome Farah flip to the slightly scary blue eyeshadow, they’ve seen it all. We asked around for the best beauty tips your mom gave you, and our experts agree that these gems are some of the best pieces of advice there are…


NEVER sleep with your make-up on

You’ve heard this time and time again, which should indicate how important it is. Regardless of how tired you are or how late it is, always wash your make-up off your face and use your moisturiser. Because your mom says so.

Don’t over-tweeze your eyebrows

Put down the tweezers! Beauty trends come and go, and this couldn’t be more evident than in eyebrows. Super thin, uber bushy, well-groomed, untouched – it’s always changing. But once you’ve started over-tweezing, those hairs eventually stop growing back. Rather shape your brows to suit your face (a visit to a pro it so worth it), and let your make-up do the rest.

Don’t forget about your neck

Your neck and décolleté have the same type of skin as your face, so you need to include it in your skincare regime. If nothing else, make sure to at least moisturise your neck when you do your face – you’ll be grateful when you’re your mom’s age.

…Or your hands

Your hands are one of the first places to start showing signs of ageing, so be sure to keep them moisturised and don’t forget about them when you put sunblock on.


Your whole body, not just your face. Get into the habit of lathering up after your shower – think of it as your little pamper session.

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It’s never too early to start using eye cream

Puffy eyes, fine lines and those damn bags… The skin under your eyes is extremely thin, which is why it’s so quick to reveal how tired and stressed you really are! Eye creams really do make a difference, and prevention is better than cure.

Leave your face alone!

No matter how often you wash them, your hands carry germs and dirt. And each time you rub or touch your face, you’re essentially rubbing all that grime straight into your pores. Start paying attention to how often you touch your face, and you’ll soon realise how often you do it.

Don’t go out with chipped nail polish

We’ve all heard this one before! Chipped nail polish looks all kinds of tacky, so either remove it, touch up your mani (glitter polish works wonders if you’re looking for a quick fix), or repaint those nails.


Your skin is worth the investment

You’ll be happy when you’re older that you invested some time and products into your skin – especially if you have problematic skin. Products can be expensive, but treatments later on in life cost even more!

Have fun!

Experiment with make-up, play around with the colour of your hair and use a range of products until you find what works for you. All of this should be fun, so don’t take yourself too seriously!

How many times do I have to tell you to wear sunscreen???

We’ve heard it a million times before and yet half of us never get round to it in the morning. If there’s one thing you listen to your mom about, make it this.

Tamlyn Cumings – All4Women

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