The Affordable Make-Over

WE’VE all dreamed of rhinoplasty or going in to get our lips done, but contrary to what you might believe, getting a makeover doesn’t have to be expensive or life changing. Small tweaks to your beauty routine can help to change up your look without making a big commitment – or racking up debt (it can be affordable)! When finances are worse for wear, there’s no need to be scrimping on beauty.

The R50 Nose Job

PRO.Conceal HD.High Definition Concealer: R49.95, By L.A. Girl, Dis-Chem

THIS little contouring trick is going to change your life – no scalpel needed! Just our choice of concealer in two or three shades darker than your skin tone. Brush concealer from the inner corner of the eyebrows to the end of the nose and over the tip (this creates the illusion that your nose is shorter). Blend out any harsh edges and for extra effect, add a highlighter on the bridge of your nose.

The R150 Does It All

Organic Coconut Oil: R149.95, Nature’s Choice

FROM cleanser and moisturiser to teeth whitener and hair mask, a humble pot of coconut oil does everything. Apply to ends of hair for smoothness, remove make-up and hydrate skin while you’re at it, and swishing it around in your mouth for five minutes can even whiten teeth! The solution to a whole host of beauty dilemmas sit right inside this jar.

The R36 Facial


Clean And Simple Brightening Facial Mask: R35.95, By Cettua, Clicks

IF your skin is in turmoil, along with your bank account, then Cettua’s Brightening Facial Mask will be your saving grace. In under 30 minutes it brightens, evens and nourishes and also works to help reduce dark spots leaving you with a glowing, luminous complexion. Soon you’ll forget your expensive facialist’s number.

The R55 Brow Artist

Eyebrow Stylist: R54.95, Essence

BROWS are one of the key ingredients to a polished, pulled-together look. But without the budget to visit your eyebrow lady this month, brows are but a distant dream…until now. This complete kit is ideal for styling eyebrows to perfection, containing two eyebrow powders, an applicator and three templates for perfect shape in an instant. It’s fool proof!

The R45 Hair Guard

Feed Me Fabulous Intense Treatment: R44.99, Sorbet Drybar

PRESS pause on your visit to the hairdresser with Sorbet’s Repair & Protect Intense Treatment. It’s an intense treatment with Moroccan argan ‘miracle’ oil and olive oil that gently coats the hair shafts of all hair types to soften, detangle and help protect the hair against damage and breakage.

The R120 Lip Injection

Smart Gloss Lip Plumper: R119.95, By Dermactin, Dis-Chem

KYLIE might have removed her fillers for a more natural look, but we still need that extra bit of pout plumping. This Smart Gloss is formulated to revitalise and achieve plump, pouty, voluptuous lips in a shade that’s all your own. The lip plumper smooths lips for a soft, youthful look that works with your skin to provide a natural lip colour.



I am Beauty Editor at People Magazine and a make-up artist. I have worked with many celebrities, including, Phumeza Mdaba, Boity, Zuraida Jardine and Rolene Strauss. I always knew I would work in magazines, as I grew up in publishing (my parents are publishers). When I’m not writing beauty or following my passion for make-up, I can be found reading and spending time with family and friends. I am also a tea-lover