Tamaryn Green: Pretty Powerful!

It’s all in the details as accessories can make or break your outfit. The way you wear it plays a big role in your outfit. Some will say accessories aren’t needed for certain outfits, but they are wrong, as even the most formal outfits can be a hit or not with the smallest accessory. This Autumn, you’ll be worrying about keeping warm more than anything, so that’s when accessories come in hand as you will need something to jazz up your look. Also if you didn’t know, well now you know, scarves are the hottest item to own this autumn and should be part of the accessories you’ll revamp your wardrobe with.  Have a look at all the accessories and jewellery you should all own this autumn with the gorgeous and incredible Miss South Africa Tamaryn Green.


 LOOK 1: Polka dot lookPolka Dot scarf: R199.00, Cotton On


Gold hoop earrings: R129.00, Accessorize

Multi row beaded necklace: R270.00, Colette

Polka Dot Top: R249.00, Cotton On

Ring pack: R169.5, Colette

Black and Gold Bangle pack: R59.99, Mr Price

Polka Dot Skirt: R449.00, Cotton On

LOOK 2: Purple printed dress look

Printed scarf: R660, Chale`

Pink Tassel earrings; R220, Colette

Purple printed dress: R799.00, Sissy boy

Layered Gold ball necklace: R460, Jangi

Gold and black cuff: R495, Jangi

Gold cuff: R405, Jangi



Accessorize: (011) 615-7755

Sissy Boy: 011 447 6213

Jangi: 011 325 2225

Sissy Boy: 011 883 0322

Colette: 011 880 2134

Chale`: 011 325 4156