Jessica Nkosi reveals her top beauty secrets!

Jessica Nkosi has been selected as one of South Africa’s hottest celebs for Tropica Island Of Treasure’s new season.  Jessica has gone from strength to strength with shows such as Our Perfect Wedding, Isibaya and aYeYe under her belt. But what we all really want to know is how she always looks so gorgeous.


What is your greatest beauty indulgence that you are missing on the island?

EVERY day is so busy and we’re always rushing all over the island. We have late nights and early mornings, so what I will miss is putting on a face mask and just relaxing.

My skin looks good on the island, but that’s because we drink so much water and we all know that water is amazing for the skin.


Talk us through your daily beauty routine.

  • TO begin with, I make sure I do not sleep with my make-up on – that’s the worst thing you could do to your face. Your skin won’t be able to breathe and you are clogging pores.
  • I wash my face with cleanser twice a day, and then once a week I exfoliate. I also use toner and moisturiser and go for facials as often as I can.
  • A really important product in my kit is sun screen, especially on the island – it’s hot out here!
  • I also need a fresh smelling perfume.
  • Eating well really does contribute to how skin looks. Whatever you put in your body will show on the outside. I try by all means to eat well – lots of vegetables and fruits.

What beauty advice would you give your 16-year-old self?

BE comfortable and confident in who you are. Be happy with yourself. Smile and laugh more. - @JessicaNkosi Click to Tweet

Could you live without make-up?

YES, I probably could, but I’d rather not. I can stay without it most of the time. When I’m home I don’t wear make-up, to give my skin a break, but I do want to look my best when out and about.

How do you get your hair to stay healthy and looking luscious?

HONESTLY, I hardly ever stay with my natural hair. I always have a weave, braids or have it plaited. I think that’s how my hair stays strong and looking good, because it’s not out in the natural harsh conditions.

What is your number one beauty tip for whenever you’re running late for something but you still want to look good?

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RED lipstick and more red lipstick! Red lipstick always makes it seem as if you’re wearing a lot of make-up when you’re actually not. It’s the best trick and it works.

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