Sweat In Style

STICK to your New Year’s resolutions and look good while doing it.

RESOLUTIONS for the new year often include putting in effort to get the dream body you know is hiding…somewhere. But you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your face for the sake of getting fit. We’re here to help, because we know that it’s hard enough to get ready at home with time to spare, never mind in a cramped (and somewhat sweaty) space with less than half your product stash. We’ve made beauty from barre to the barbell, easy with our tips, tricks and heaven sent products.

Plaited Lady


PLANNING on going out after your trip to the gym? Fishtail (or boxer, or french) braids can be a hair saver. Simply braid hair in either a ponytail or pigtails and run your straightener over, then loosen for instant, effortless looking beach waves.

Try A Tonic

REPLENISH the moisture you just lost via sweating with a facial spritz. Cooling and soothing, facial mists are super attractive during hot summer months and when hitting the gym. Get one with anti-oxidants to reap the benefits, doing your face good as well as cooling it down.

Antioxidant Hydramist (30ml): R229, Dermalogica

TIP: Never touch your hands to your sweaty face, as this spreads bacteria and increases the likelihood of acne. Just use your towel (blotting, not wiping) instead!

Gone In A Flash

COVERING dark circles, redness and blemishes, is part of the course when leaving the gym. Keep a concealer handy to brighten dull skin, hide tired eyes and give yourself a dewy, natural glow.

Fit Me Concealer: R87.95, Maybelline

No Wash, No Worries

DRY shampoo is a no-brainer when it comes to must haves for your gym kit. All it takes is one good sweat session and your fresh blowout is falling a little flat, but dry shampoo absorbs oil and even gives you a bit of volume.

No Drought Dry Shampoo: R105, LUSH

What A Cheek!

GET out of the locker room in a hurry, with just a touch of blush. Channel a “ballerina on-the-go” with soft sweet blush on just the apples of the cheeks. Opt for a cream blush, which is easier to apply (you can even do it with your fingers) and longer lasting than their powder counterparts.

Cheek And Lip Tint: R95, Palladio

TIP: Don’t overwhelm yourself with a full beauty kit for the gym. Simplify with 2-in-1 and multi-tasking products.