Summer Beauty Bucket List

CATCHING some zzzs in the sun, endless pool days with pitchers of summer inspired cocktails and eating massive amounts of ice cream. These can all be found on most of our to-do lists for this summer. But where does beauty fit in? We need to look good when checking things off our list after all.  With this in mind, we’ve drawn up the ultimate beauty bucket list: fifteen things every girl needs to try in summer 2018.

  1. Try A Bright Lip

IF nude has been you long-time go-to, then it’s time to shake things up. Summer means it’s time for bright make-up. This doesn’t necessarily mean a full face, because who needs the stress of melting contouring in the heat? But experimenting with va-va-voom colour combinations is still a must! Try it on lips or eyes with a fresh face.


Sweet Kiss Lip Gloss In As De Pink: R70, Bourjois And Ultra HD Gel Lipstick: R195, Revlon

  1. Go A Little (Or A Lot) Boho

THE basics for a bohemian beauty look is a super natural base (which you can get with a non-matte foundation and topping if off with a refinishing spray), a heavy highlight on the highest points of your face and staying neutral on the lip. Keep eyes natural or add colour. Here’s where you get to be creative: add stars, flowers, hearts…your options are endless.

Prep + Prime Rose Fix+: R340, MAC Cosmetics And The Colour Eyeliner: R179.95, 3INA

  1. Do A Three-Day Detox

WANT to undo Winter damage? You might feel bloated and your skin might be showing signs of neglect too. A quick three day detox where you focus on unprocessed foods, fruit and veggies can do wonders for getting back on the right track. It will help you to feel better, clean up your eating habits and lose the extra kgs too, kick starting summer the right way.

EZE Detox Drops (50ml): R217, By Eze-Sculpt, Faithful To Nature

  1. Get A Bright Pedicure Fit For Summer Sandals

HAPPY days and carefree summer nights call for simple, cheerful toes – think tropical tones of pink, red, orange and purple.

Professional Nail Lacquer In Manga Round With Me: R158, Morgan Taylor

  1. Feel Confident Wearing Short Shorts

CELLULITE is afraid of any scrubbing motion and exfoliation. Why? These two tactics increase circulation, plumping up the skin and making cellulite look less obvious. From a diet point of view, you need to drink enough H20 and get organic hydration from fresh fruits and vegetables to flush any toxins out. Water is essential to life and it is also essential to reducing and preventing further cellulite.

JT One Mermaid Secrets 2-in-1 Wash And Scrub: R65, Woolworths

  1. Find A New Favourite Bikini, Then Slather On SPF

TAKING an oral supplement, which is clinically proven to help skin protect itself against UV ageing and damage from within, can make it even less likely that you’ll suffer any sun damage. The formulas have special ingredients that help to improve skin’s resistance to solar damage.

Ultra- D Capsules: R450, Heliocare

  1. Find your new favourite scent for summer

SAY goodbye to the woodsy, musks and ouds you cozied up to in winter and hello to fruity, floral, fresh fragrances. If you already have a signature with these notes, great! But we dare you to try something different to brighten up your beach days.

Eau So Decadent Eau de Toilette (50ml): R1 175, Marc Jacobs

  1. Show Some Skin

THEY may say that pale is the new tan, but Summer is the time when dresses, shorts, crop tops and mini skirts come out to play and pasty is not a look you want at this particular time. Use a graual bronzing product and build it up to your desired shade.

Bronzing Mousse Self Tan: R99.95, Caribbean Tan

  1. Give Your Razor A Break

MAKE your life a little easier by investing in a hairless future. Laser hair removal is one of the best inventions on the planet! We recommend The Laser Beautique’s revolutionary method for pain-free yet effective hair removal. The hair removal treatments can be done on almost any body part, from facial or bikini line treatments to legs, arms, neck or back.

  1. Find Your Shape

EYEBROWS aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. So it should really be top of your list to find your best eyebrow look if you haven’t already. Whether yours is narrow, round, arched, thick or thin, these might just be the only accessory you’d need this summer.

Brow Contour Pro 4-in-1 Defining And Highlighting Pencil: R495, By Benefit, Edgars

  1. Experiment With Hair Colour

IF you’ve seen celebrities trying a different hair colour every week and thinking: ‘I wanna do that!’, then why not? Now is the time to go blonde, brunette, pink, blue ombred, highlighted, you name it. Even just trying something slightly outside your comfort zone, like a balayage, can be exciting and give you a new lease on life.

Live Color XXL HD Ultra Brights Semi – Permanent: R99.99, Schwarzkopf

  1. Get An All-In-One

BEACH bag, handbag, make-up bag, this should be stashed everywhere during summer. An all-in-one balm can save your life. A versatile formula goes beyond moisturisation: a balm applied over bare eyelids gives a modern glossy finish, it acts as a hair serum to smooth down frizzy ends in the summer heat, works wonders to shape brows or it can add a dewy glow to your complexion when used on cheekbones, where you’d normally put a highlighter.

Epi-Max Ultra: R75, Epi-Max

  1. Try The Comeback

CLAW clips. You thought they were just a long-passed nineties throwback, but it turns out they’re the most trendy hair accessory this summer. Toss the ends of your hair up over the crown of the head loosely, then pair the look with minimal make-up.

Scallop Edge Claw Clips (Set Of Two): R129, Accessorize

  1. Friend A Dermatoologist

SERIOUSLY, this professional should be on your speed dial! Summer comes with all sorts of skin issues, like folliculitis, ‘backne’, razor burn, oily, sticky skin and uneven skintone, to name just a few. Sort out your skin by visiting one at least every six months.

  1. Splurge!

SPLASH out on a beauty that you’ve been having your eye on. You’ve survived winter after all and you deserve a treat. It can be that high-end fragrance you’ve been eyeing, a highly pigmented eyeshadow palette from your favourite brand or an expensive body cream.

Lightstruck Prismatic Glow Palette: R880, By Laura Mercier, Skins Cosmetics