Suit Up!

An item that all men need in their life even for the most causal person are dress up shoes. We love how they’ve upgraded this style of dress up shoes. All you need is stylish versions of these styles and you basically have a multiple versatile looks .

Navy Shoes: R529, H&MBrown Shoe: R629, H&MLight Brown Shoe: R699, WoolworthsBlack Shoes: R1199, WoolworthsBurgundy Shoe: R1399, Steve MaddenBlack Shoes With White Stitch: R1599, Steve MaddenLight Brown Oxford Shoe: R1699, Steve MaddenBurgundy Oxford Shoe: R1799, AldoNavy Brogues With Multi Coloured Platform: R3499, By Calvano, Zando


Suspenders: R199, WoolworthsBlue Shirt: R379, H&MWhite Check Shirt: R379, H&MWatch: R499, WoolworthsPrinted Pants: R629, H&M



Zando: 086 1192 636

Adidas: (011) 784-0340

Puma: (011) 590-9229

Aldo: (011) 884-4141

Woolworths: (011) 290-1011

H&M: (011) 592-3200

Steve Madden: (011) 784-0406

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