Spring Is In the Hair

Article By: Bernita Marais

Add glitz, glamour and a pop of bling with these accessories

Hair trends for spring are loud and proud this year, and we’re going retro! Yes, those hair accessories that you wore in back at school are making a huge comeback. Below are some of our favourites.

Silk Wraps
There is a huge variation in materials and prints, but for warmer weather, the silk wrap scream picnics and braais. Silk won’t agitate hair, either, meaning no frizz.

Yes, they are back and one of the coolest accessories this season. They can be placed loosely on low ponytails for a casual look.

These are sleek and modern. Wear them with half-up hair or go for the high bun. Choose from wooden, decorative, colourful or embellished barrettes, or even one of each if you feel like splurging a bit.

Here you have freedom to play around as you can use all types from rhinestone embellished to sporty headbands; the opportunities are endless. Style it as you please, from rocker to flower power. This will add that interesting touch to your outfit.

When rocking a turban, just remember to leave your crystal ball at home. This is a challenging look to pull off, so be creative. If you’re unsure, be fashionable when lounging around the house and get a feel for it. Once you nailed it, dare to show it off in the public eye.

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Deneal Florence

Deneal Florence

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