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Solutions To All Your Foot Problems


YOUR feet are on display this time of year, but it’s hard to keep them looking their best when the weather’s warm: exposure to the sun and hot surfaces, like sand and concrete, can leave them dry and rough. We’ve got the solutions to protect them from the elements so they stay picture perfect for the entire season – because you never know when you’ll want to Instagram your pedi! Here’s how to prep your step.

Foot Solutions

Lumps And Bumps. NOT the most glamorous of subjects, but foot faults are a fact of life for both Louboutin-lovers and flip-flop fans. Here’s how to deal with them:

Calluses: A callus is an area of thickened and hardened skin developed because of repeated contact or pressure and is one of the most common foot problems. Generally pain-free, calluses can lead to more serious problems, such as underlying tissue damage, if left unchecked. Prevention is better than cure, so wear shoes that fit properly and look after your feet by using softening creams to help keep calluses at bay.

Corns: A corn is basically the same thing as a callous, only it is a more localised thickening of the skin, which appears as a cone-shaped mass and is most commonly found on toes. Seek professional assessment rather than self-treating.

Cracked Heels: Cracked heels often affect people who have naturally dry skin and is aggravated by lifestyle factors, such as standing for long periods of time. Treat this with a rich cream or foot oil, making sure you buff away any dead skin first to allow the product to penetrate.

Bunions: Tight-fitting shoes are thought to be the cause of bunions, although they can be inherited. Most people experience them as a bump on the base of the big toe, and as they develop the toe begins to angle in towards the others. The solution? Be careful with shoe styles!

Ingrown Toenails: This is a painful condition that occurs when the nail starts to press into the fleshy part of the adjacent skin. It can easily become infected and needs professional podiatry treatment. Badly cut toenails and ill-fitting shoes are the most common causes. Never cut the sides of the nail, but rather straight across using nail clippers, making sure to respect the natural shape of the nail.

Flat Out

Victoria Beckham

“FLAT shoes can pose as many risks as high heels,” says Judith Anders, podiatrist and foot expert. “Wearing completely flat pumps puts the feet at risk from pain as there is no shock absorbency and little support. Another problem can be corns and calluses as pumps are often worn a size too small in order to keep them on the foot.” And flip-flops aren’t much better. “Research has shown that flip-flop wearers take shorter steps resulting in a higher risk of joint and muscle pain,” says Judith. Added to this, wearing flat shoes can stretch the calf muscles and Achilles tendon especially if you’re used to wearing heels.

Leave It To The Professionals

EXFOLIATE, massage, moisturise, shape & paint. These are the things professional nail spas are best at. Sometimes we all need a bit of a pick-me-up and getting an expert pedi is a sure-fire way to get it!

Polish Nail Spa offers expert nail treatments in a beautiful, sanitary environment. Experienced, friendly technicians, top quality products and strict adherence to international sanitation standards mean that clients are able to relax knowing that they will leave, not only with beautiful nails, but with their health intact. We recommend their Standard Pedicure. It is a 50 minute treatment for R330.

Polish Nail Spa

Visit their newest branch at 44 Stanley in Milpark, Johannesburg. Contact them on (010) 900 4564 or e-mail them at [email protected] Or visit their branch in Parkwood at The Parks Shopping Centre on Jan Smuts Avenue. Call (011) 447 7952 to book your way to foot fabulous now! And don’t forget to like their Facebook page!



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