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Skincare’s True Heroes

SINCE facial skin is the most sensitive part of the body, some of the most effective ingredients in products are only available from medical practitioners and skin care professionals who are trained in how to use them. But if you think you can’t have potent skincare at home, think again! Make sure a few of these powerful superheroes approved complexion saviours are included in your skincare routine.


OXIDISATION often happens due to sun or environmental damage.  That’s where anti-oxidants come in: they help to protect skin cells against free radicals and encourage cell and tissue growth, which in turn helps the skin to repair itself. Antioxidants include vitamin C, green tea, resveratrol, beta glucan, liquorice and vitamin E, to mention just a few.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid

ALPHA-Hydroxy Acid (AHA) gently removes dead skin cells by dissolving them, which encourages cellular turnover. AHAs can fade sunspots and age-related discoloration, firm the skin, treat acne and reduce lines and wrinkles. A bonus is that other skincare products will be more effective when skin has been properly exfoliated.


PROTECT yourself from harmful UVA and UVB radiation with a broad-spectrum sunscreen. Sun damage to the skin can cause premature aging and increase the risk of skin cancer. Even those who work indoors are exposed to ultraviolet radiation for brief periods throughout the day, especially if they work near windows, which generally filter out UVB, but not UVA rays.

Skin Restorers

THE most well- known and researched of these being Retinol (or Vitamin A), skin restoring ingredients reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and blemishes. With age, skin’s natural cell turnover decreases resulting in dull, uneven skin tone and rough skin texture. Topical retinol creams basically tells skin cells to make better, younger cells.

Warning: Retinol should be avoided if you are pregnant or trying to conceive.

Skin Fortifiers

HYALURONIC Acid is our favourite skin fortifier. Hydrating or skin-repairing ingredients are fundamental to keeping the barrier of skin healthy, smooth and young. HA is one of the most hydrophilic (water-loving) molecules with various benefits. It occurs naturally in the skin, connective tissue and joints, helping to retain moisture throughout the body.

Make sure your skincare is on the right track with one (or all) of our picks.

Anti-Age Hyaluron Filler Eye Cream: R312.95, Eucerin, Effaclar Micellar Water: R200, La Roche-Posay, Revitalift Filler Renew Hyaluronic Replumping Serum: R299.95, L’Oreal Paris, UV Plus UV+ SPF50: R435, Clarins And Sleep & Peel: R1 000, Filorga

C25 Cream: R900, Dermaceutic, Techni Peel Nuit Night Cream: R659, PAYOT, Super Retinol Concentrate: R1 060, Exuviance, Intense Retinol Infinity Serum: R1 350, Optiphi And Helase Photo-Repair Cream 50: R500, Lamelle



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