Seeing Double

Barbie has always been a favourite and inspiration to many. From pop culture to fashion, Barbie has always been part of our life. This week our shoot is inspired by Barbie and her mini me. The clothing seen on Barbie is from chic to Avant Garde to sophisticated and femme fatale which is why it only made sense to recreate a few of her looks along with her mini me in fashionable and trendy clothing. If you’re stuck for dressing for autumn well these looks are your go to for yourself and your mini me or just have fun and have a little dress up party. Whatever you decide, make sure to look your best this mother’s day and celebrate it with style with your little one.



TIP: A smart way to wear faux fur and any bold print together is simply by adding more than one neutral item in your look.Earring: R199.50, Colette By Colette Hayman

White Shirt: R529, H&M

Necklace: R299.50, Colette By Colette Hayman

Leopard Print Scarf: R399, Accessorize

Kimono: R1199, Accessorize

Fur/Leather Gloves: R1000, Accessorize

Bag: R1299, Accessorize

Metallic Skirt: R299, Factorie

Ankle Boots: R3990, Europa Art

Fur Shawl: R999, Accessorize

White Tulle Dress: R349, Cotton On Kids

Silver Pumps: R159, Cotton On Kids

LOOK 2Tip: Give your look a nerdish feel by adding a quirky glasses to your look.
Pom Pom Scarf: R229, Cotton On Kids

Stripe Top: R199, Cotton On Kids

Gold Sequin Jacket: R379, H&M

Polka Dot Sleeve Jacket: R369, Cotton On Kids

Bag: R169, Cotton On Kids

Denim Skirt: R329, H&M

Gold High Top Boots: R399, Cotton On

Tip:Bring out more to your pink look by mixing different shades and textures of pink. Also, another killer combo is pink and navy blue.

Sunglasses: Stylist Own

Blush Flower Necklace: R599, Accessorize

Pearl/ Diamante Necklace: R329, Forever21

Stripe Top: R279, Factorie

Floral Printed Jacket: R1200, Parooz Fashion

Blush Skirt: R799, H&M

Velvet Heels: R2499, Castelo


Tip: Keep things classy and fresh by pairing thigh high boots paired with a flouncy skirt.

Silver Teal Necklace: R699, Accessorize

Silver Diamante Necklace: R329, Forever21

Silver Jacket: R1399, Sissy Boy

Purple Top: R529, H&M

Purple Pleated Skirt: R599, H&M

Silver Ring: R114.50, Colette By Colette Hayman

Embellished Clutch: R229.99, Mr Price

Electric Blue Boots: R2999, CasteloGlasses: R49.99, Mr Price

Bomber Jacket: R499, Cotton On Kids

Gold Sequin Tulle Dress: R349, Cotton On Kids

Gold Sequin Sneakers: R349, Cotton On Kids


Tip: Add edge to a pretty dress by pairing the dress with combat boots.

Silver Necklace: R89.99, Mr Price

Blush Dress With Fur Collar: R1799, Accessorize

Burgundy Boots: R169.99, Mr PriceTip: Nothing says Barbie than a tulle skirt. A tulle skirt can create multiple different looks. If you want to add some class and sophistication to the look then simply add pair it with a shirt and and pointy toe heels.

Multi Coloured Necklace: R99.99, Mr Price

Layered Necklace: R69.99, Mr Price

Printed Bomber Jacket: R899, H&M

Blush Pink Top: R390, Parooz Fashion

Tulle Skirt: R479, Forever21

Rings: R199.50, Colette By Colette Hayman

Blue Bangle: R99.50, Colette By Colette Hyman

Grey Handbag: R629.50, Colette By Colette Hayman

Grey Heels: R2690, Europa Art



When wearing mustard, always keep your outfit in the darker shade to avoid clashing.

Choker: R299, Accessorize

Silver Necklace: R279, Forever21

White Top with Black, Peplum Top: R450, Parooz Fashions

Mustard Coat: R1499, Forever21

Jeans:  R699, Forever21

Leopard Print Clutch: R999, Accessorize

Bangle Stack: R169.50, Colette By Colette Hayman

Rings: R114.50, Colette By Colette Hayman

Black /Fur Flatforms: R2750, CasteloPink Denim Jacket: R399, Cotton On Kids

Stripe Top: R199, Cotton On Kids

White Tulle skirt: R279, Cotton On Kids

Unicorn Bag: R199, Cotton On Kids

Unicorn Gumboots: R89.99, Mr Price



Europa Art: (011) 883-5354

Accessorize: (011) 615-7755

Colette By Colette Hayman: 021 937 5465

Cotton On Kids: 011 883-1207

Forever21: (011) 883-0025

Castelo: (011) 883-8767

Mr Price: 0800 212 535

H&M: (011) 592-3200

Factorie: 011 476 2003

Parooz Fashion: (011) 403-2035


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