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Reach Your #hairgoals In No Time With GlamGummies

WE’VE all seen the Jenner and Kardashian sister posing away with their miracle hair gummy bears.

Reach Your #hairgoals In No Time With GlamGummies

Now there’s a proudly South African option to keep your hair and nails in tip top shape. GlamGummies from GlamLust is the yummiest way to improve your overall health. Hate your thin and damaged hair? Need to grow out a bad haircut? Tired of dry and brittle hair? Enter GlamGummies. No more yucky vitamin pills needed to grow longer and stronger hair and nails!

Two of the delicious gummies a day will give you all the nutrients needed to:

  • Grow healthier and stronger hair and nails fast
  • Improve hair’s elasticity, strength and reducing hair breakage and fall-out
  • Nourishing hair and nails from within, making it healthier and stronger
  • Improving your overall your health.

How Does It Work?

The berrylicious GlamGummies are loaded with Biotin, Vitamin B 12, Folic Acid and other clinically proven ingredients that support hair & nail growth. GlamGummies are completely chewable and deliciously flavoured with the juice of real berries, making them easy to take and gentle on your stomach!

One serving GlamGummies contains:
As much Vitamin A as 38 apples
As much Vitamin C as 5 cups of grapes
As much Vitamin B 12 as I 0 large eggs

Reach Your #hairgoals In No Time With GlamGummies

What’s more, they are vegatarian, gelatine-free, glutin-free,cruelty-free and perfect for both men and women! They are also free of wheat, soy, dairy, beef, pork, egg, fish and nuts and has been independently lab tested with a super rating in safety and vitamin quality. GlamGummies do not contain any hormones, so it will not affect your facial or body hair.

Reach Your #hairgoals In No Time With GlamGummies

GlamGummies Hair & Nails (60 GlamGummies): R469, GlamLust

To purchase  or for more information visit

* Please note that this product has not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council of South Africa and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



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