Radical Red

by Suzy Mukendi

The Love we have for red is a strong – just like the colour, which exudes power, confidence, sexy, boldness and passion. It’s the perfect hue for anyone, whether worn as an accent colour or on its own, and that’s why it’s our muse this week.  Sun Glasses: R179, Forever 21
R149, Forever 21
         Bangles: R109, Forever 21
         Red Lace Top: R2 600, Diane Paris
         Red Coat: POR, Gert-Johan Coetzee
Thigh High Boots: R1 999, Castelo

Tip: When people want a formal look, they often turn to black or sequin not realizing that they’re even more colours that work for a formal look. Like red paired with gold. Gold is very glam. Gold Earrings: R109, Forever 21
R109, Forever 21
         Bracelets: R129, Forever 21
         Gold Detail Top: POR, Gert-Johan Coetzee
         Red and Gold Saree: POR, Das Saree Boutique
Red Heels: R2 790, Europa Art


Gert-Johan Coetzee: (011) 782 4856

Call It Spring: (011) 784 1597

Diane Paris: (011) 568 4651

Forever 21:  (011) 883 0025

Castelo: (011) 883 8767

Jangi: (063) 681 0687

Craft Classique: (011) 391 0884 / 072 728 3455

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