Print any design onto your fingernails at Tammy Taylor Parkhurst!

NAILAE was born in France, raised in Hong Kong and now travels worldwide. The Nailae team includes engineers, designers, digital lovers and beauty professionals. Together, they have designed a nail printer that is beautifully constructed, user-friendly and digitally focused. The NAILAE Station brings together fashion and innovation, making nail design easy, fast, fun and affordable. The company is inspired by the idea of helping women around the world express their creativity in limitless combinations. Their motto: limitless fantasies at your fingertips. You can literally  print any design onto your tips! How cool!

And finally it’s in SA! Tammy Taylor Nails Parkhurst is a nail salon ready to treat you like a queen. Plus you can customise your set of Tammy Taylors with the perfect nail art by Nailae.

Print any design onto your fingernails at Tammy Taylor Parkhurst!

Believe it or not, a man has invented Nailae. Alexandre has enjoyed imagining a new creative space that helps all women showcase their unique personalities. He explains us why, when and how nail design has burst into his life. And ours.

Tell us about yourself

I am a French entrepreneur with a strong taste for adventure. I was born in Paris and raised in Nantes, a city located in the west of France. I left Nantes 8 years ago to settle in Hong Kong with my family.

What started everything?

Everything started from a discussion with a friend of my father. He was complaining about how long his wife spends getting her nails done and asked me, jokingly, if I had a solution to this problem. I took it quite seriously and began doing some research… I had no idea it would lead to a global nail revolution and that now I’d be at the service of women all around the world!

How long did it take to make the NAILAE Station?

Almost two years! We developed several prototypes before creating the perfect model. We wanted the NAILAE Station to be aesthetic, connected and super easy to use. We’re continuing to innovate and improve the technology. One of the key aspects for us was creating something fun to use, that’s really important!

What is the NAILAE spirit?

The brand aims to offer women a service that mixes beauty and technology. We also want to create a strong nail design community, together with our customers. Style and creativity really are about sharing. That’s why NAILAE brings together art, culture, design and more to create a unique platform for self-expression.

How many colours are available?

All of them! The Nailae Station works with the primary colors and is able to recreate a limitless color palette.

How many nail designs are available?

There is a reason why our motto is “limitless fantasies at your fingertips”. The NAILAE Station can print any design onto your nails. We offer more than 150 nail designs in our exclusive library, which is regularly updated. You can also print your own pictures and creations using the NAILAE mobile app. Our app gives you access to our full library of nail designs.

Can I ask my nail therapist to use a picture I have on my phone?

Absolutely. If you have downloaded the app, you will be able to generate a QR code for any picture in your phone library. The NAILAE Station will read this QR code so you can upload your picture and print it onto your nails.

How does the NAILAE Station work?

The NAILAE station is a nail printer. Inside, there are cartridges and water-based ink. We’ve also added a digital monitoring tablet as well as an internal camera, which allow us to achieve perfect nail-tailored printing.

Can I print on regular polish or on a gel manicure?

You can print on any base you want: regular polish, gel, acrylic or natural nails. Just remember, the darker the polish, the darker the designs will have to be. For example, if you’re already wearing a red manicure, we recommend printing a black design. If you want to print a design with multiple and/or pale colours, we strongly recommend choosing a white polish as it allows you to print absolutely any designs with the best possible results.

How long does it take to print one nail?

The printing process is about 45 seconds for up to 4 nails at the same time.

How long does the whole process last?

If you are already wearing polish, the process will only last the necessary time to apply the primer and allow it to dry for around 3 minutes. With printing and topcoat application, that comes to around 15 minutes for several nails.
If you need to get a manicure before printing, the whole process will take as long as required by a regular manicure, plus the 15 minutes for the printing and drying.

How long will the prints stay on my nails?

Around 1 week for regular nail polish, and 2 to 3 weeks for a gel manicure. To make the printing last even longer, we recommend applying a topcoat every 2 to 3 days.

Do I really have to apply a topcoat after the printing?

Yes! The prints are made from water-based ink, so if you don’t apply a topcoat, then your nail designs will fade as soon as you wash your hands.
To make the prints last even longer, we recommend applying a topcoat every 2 to 3 days.

Is it easy to remove the nail prints?

Yes! You can remove your nail polish and prints with standard nail polish remover.

What does the printing look like?

Try it, it’s truly amazing! Your nail prints will look like regular smooth nail polish, but with incredibly accurate detail.

Print any design onto your fingernails at Tammy Taylor Parkhurst!

Print any design onto your fingernails at Tammy Taylor Parkhurst!

To book your fabulous set of Tammy Taylor nails and print your custom design onto them, contact Tammy Taylor Nails Parkhurst on 087 086 0454. Follow them on Facebook for your nail fix! Don’t forget to follow Nailae too!

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