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Poof Proof Hair For The Rainy Season

SUMMER showers are one of the first signs that warm weather is here to stay. And getting caught in the rain, shouldn’t be a problem, but humidity and frizz are out to get you!  Bad hair days make it difficult to appreciate the good weather.

Why Is Humidity Ruining My Hair?

UNDERSTANDING humidity will help you learn how to tame your mane and walk out the door on a humid day without fear, so first, a bit of science. When the air is humid, high levels of hydrogen are present (remember, water is two parts hydrogen, one part oxygen). Because hair is porous the outer layer absorbs moisture when there is humidity in the air, causing hair to become curly, swell and frizz. Is it even possible to have good hair under these circumstances? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered with 10 tips and 10 amazing frizz fighters to keep your style’s shape until the storm passes.

FACT: CUTICLE layers should ideally lie flat, but they open up when damaged or exposed to moisture.

  1. Frizz-Fighting Foundation

JUST like you’d apply a primer before starting your make-up application, so too you need to have a base for frizz-free hair. Start with your shampoo and conditioner. the right shampoo and conditioner can target the problem from the get-go and keep hair from puffing up.

  1. Safe And Shine

PESKY flyaways are part of the frizz-life. Luckily there are ways to deal with them. While hair is still damp, use a lightweight serum or oil, specifically ones with dimethicone – they act as a repellent to humidity plus adds shine. If you have fine hair, apply it from mid-length to ends, or if your hair is on the thicker side, from roots to ends.


  1. Choose A Protective Style

IF a fool-proof anti-frizz weapon is what you’re after, protective styling should be top of your list.

This means protecting the ends of your hair from damaging factors, such as the sun, heat, shedding and breakage (by decreasing tangling). Frizz and shrinkage will no longer be a problem. Some styles that you can take for a test drive are twists, braids, buns, updos, cornrows, flat twists or braid extensions.

Jasmine Sanders

  1. Embrace The Imperfect

FLAYAWAYS? Fuzz? Flat pieces? Embrace it all! If you have curly hair, let it blend in with your defined spirals. The trick is to create “controlled frizz”. Prep damp hair with mousse before drying with a diffuser for major volume. If your hair is straight, welcome the bed-head look with open arms! Dry shampoo doubles as texturising spray, sprits a little to lift limp pieces and create instant fullness.


  1. Cuticle Cues

ONCE you’ve styled your hair, seal the cuticle. This will help to lock in the hydration from any previous products used and keep humidity out. How do you do this you may ask? The easiest way is to use a boar bristle brush and direct the heat from the blow dryer down (towards the ends). Rough drying without a brush can distress the cuticle, but this helps the cuticle lay (and stay) flat.

Angela Simmons

  1. Hold Your Style

DID you know that a non-aerosol hairspray could reintroduce moisture into the hair, causing you to be more susceptible to frizz? After styling hair, use a super-fine, anti-frizz aerosol hairspray to lock in your style.

  1. Consult A Professional

IF you’ve had enough of humidity ruining your ‘do, why not seek professional treatments? The best in the business is the original Brazilian Blowout Keratin Treatment. Endorsed by countless celebrities, including Jennifer Aniston and Halle Berry (and who wouldn’t want their locks?), it literally cuts styling in half and keeps the hair frizz-free and glossy.

  1. Sleep On It

THERE is nothing cute about dry, brittle strands that break off. Breakage equals short, damaged pieces, which equals additional frizz. Safeguard your hair as you sleep by using a silk pillowcase to reduce friction. Tying hair up at night with snag-free hair ties or, better yet, braiding hair before sleeping can help prevent breakage and keep hair smooth.

Blake Lively

  1. Topknot To The Rescue

THE trick to controlling from humidity and frizz is to inject hair with the hydration it needs, so it doesn’t soak up excess from the humid air. So how ‘bout this genius idea: a topknot that doubles as a conditioning treatment. Coat dry ends with a leave-in treatment that aids moisture, then gather hair at the crown and swirl into a chic bun.

Lala Anthony

  1. Use the Right Amount of Product

HOW do you know if you’re using enough of a certain product? Chances are, you’re actually using way more than you need to. Go in lightly with product and build gradually. This will depend on the texture of your hair, porosity and level of damage. Work a small drop onto the ends first, then spread the product up toward the scalp. Wherever the product starts to feel like it’s staying on the outside of the hair shaft rather than soaking in, that’s where to stop.



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