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AGE is just a number. But there’s no reason why your perfume can’t grow with you throughout life. You can have a series of love affairs with fragrances to suit every decade of life. The trick (and fun part) is selecting fragrances that reflect your true self no matter what season of life you’re in.


SWEET and fruity. Or yummy notes like chocolate and cupcake. These words should be your guideline when choosing a perfume. Luckily there are lots of fragrances that you could choose from with these notes. Start off by trying out samples rather than buying big bottles of perfumes until you figure out what you really like.

Viva La Juicy Eau De Parfum Spray (50ml): R800, Juicy Couture And Fruity: R399, Sorbet


EVEN though you’ve entered the real world, it doesn’t mean you have to smell too grown-up. Now is the time to move on to more florally scents. Try jasmine, rose or cypress. These notes are slightly more mature than the super-sweet ones from teenage years, but still fun and flirty.

Joy Eau de Parfum (50ml): R1 300, Dior And Fleur de Parfum (30ml): R920, Chloe


YOU’RE climbing the career ladder and investing time in your family and home life and are basically on track to making your dreams come true. Your fragrance should let the world know you’ve grown up and you are the person you want to be. Choose a scent that’s serious, but also slightly sexy. Musk is perfect for this decade of your life. Now is also the age to begin matching your fragrance to the season.

This is Her! Eau de Parfum (100ml): R1 470, Zadig And Voltaire And L’eau Natural Eau De Toilette Spray (40ml): R 670, Jimmy Choo

Forties +

AS we age, skin loses oil glands, which is why older women tend to have dry skin. What does this mean for your perfume choice? On drier skin, scent dissipates more quickly. And so a highly concentrated perfume will have more staying-power than an Eau de Toilette would. Look for mature and sophisticated fragrances. Scents based on unique spices and incense should attract you.

La Mia Perla Eau de Parfum (50ml): R1 265, La Perla And Philosykos Eau de Parfum (75ml): R2 200, By Diptyque, Skins Cosmetics

TIP: WOOD base notes have long staying power on the skin.



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