Nonbasic Items In Your Wardrobe


You’ve seen and you’ve heard of what stock items you should and have in your wardrobe. You’ve also been shown countless times how to dress up those basic items or how to revamp them. While basics are timeless and have their place in the world, non-basic items are having a moment now. These are items that instantly add a boost to your look as well as need minimal accessorizing. Keep your spot as a fashion know it all with one (or all) of these pieces!


70sPattterned SweaterSURE, it’s not the right weather to wear a sweater, but you’re going to need it when it gets chilly again. ‘70s patterned sweaters scream old school, so modernise the look by pairing it with feminine up-to-date pieces.

Candy Coloured Everything

Sparkly JacketNOTHING says fashionista like a sparkly jacket. It adds shimmer to your wardrobe and fabulous to your reputation.

Statement Accessories

THESE are the easiest way to look like you went all out with your look, especially on days when you’re too lazy to dress up. Just add statement accessories to a basic look and there you have it – effortless chic!



Fashion Editor I am a stylist and have worked with many celebrities. Magazines are a great platform to inform people on styling and fashion trends. Fashion gives freedom to people and allows them to be who they want to be. I loves to help readers to look as stylish as they can be, regardless of their body type, skin colour etc. It’s a great feeling to have knowing, that in helping someone choose an outfit, you’re also helping them feel more confident. When I'm not busy being a fashion editor I can be found designing and drawing.