Name Someone Who Wears Blazers Better Than Hlengiwe!

It would take us the whole day to name reasons as to why we love former Mrs SA Hlengiwe Tlale. Not only is she a game shaker and successful entrepreneur but she’s also a fashion leader! Just have a look at her and you’ll get why.

She recently turned 40 and we almost fell off our chair – she looks 25! Hlengiwe has given us hope that we too can look that good when we hit her age. Her style has no limits and she wears whatever she wants and works it!  The most important thing that makes a look even more impact is her confidence.

She is confident in who she is and what she’s been blessed with! You can learn a lot from this former beauty queen and we just love how she wearsblazers! She always looks bold, strong, fierce and sexy and here’s a few finds to copy her look.Blazer: POR, Topshop


Blazer: R814, Next

Blazer: R636, Next

Blazer: POR, Topshop