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Menswear Matric Dance Trends

GUYS, your matric dance is just as important as girls’ when deciding what to wear. Off course, you won’t necessarily go totally over the top like the ladies do with the booked nail and facial appointments – although no-one is saying you shouldn’t! – but what you decide to wear is important. You want to look like a man who took control of his overall look, including accessories and shoes, not a man whose outfit got draped over him by a relative or a rental tux boutique.



-IF you don’t want to go all out and be too showy, then stick to a simple tailored suit, but add a few elements to show you made an effort. Look dapper by adding a printed tie or coloured pocket square.White Shirt: Price On Request, Eurosuit

Tie: R350, Eurosuit

Suit Jacket: Price On Request, Keys Fashion

Ring: Price On Request, Thomas Sabo

Pants: Price On Request, Keys Fashion

Black Suede Shoes: R2 890, Europa Art


-A STRIKING checked suit will help you stand out from the rest of the crowd, and it’s fresh and different. Add a bold pocket square to add a finishing touch.Shirt: Price On Request, Keys Fashion

Suit Jacket: Price On Request, Keys Fashion

Waistcoat: Price On Request, Keys Fashion

Pants: Price On Request, Keys Fashion

Brogues: R 3990, Euopa Art



THOSE that are more daring should wear this bold rich textured suit. Just make sure to keep everything else simple. Pair the suit with a neutral colour or print. No one wants to look like a clown at their matric dance.Printed Shirt: Price On Request, Keys Fashion

Suit Jacket: Price On Request, Keys Fashion

Waistcoat: Price On Request, Keys Fashion

Pants: Price On Request, Keys Fashion

Brown Suede Shoes: R2 890, Europa Art


WE’VE found accessories that can instantly uplift your look or transform a shirt and jeans combo into a matric dance outfit. There’s a style for every guy, from old-school to preppy up-to-the-minute handsomeness!

Floral Lapel Pins: R200.74, WoolworthsNavy Blue Bow Tie With Polka Dot Pocket Square: R200.74, WoolworthsWhite Floral Lapel Pins And Polka Dot Pocket Square: R200.74, WoolworthsFloral Print Bow Tie: R151.31, WoolworthsRed Floral Pocket Square And Lapel Pin: R200.74, WoolworthsFloral Socks: R189 By Stance, Zando3 Pack Socks: R149 By Jcrew, ZandoRose Gold Watch: R899 By Skone, ZandoSilver Black Watch: R599 By Skone, ZandoSalmon Loafers: R699, Markham




Castelo: (011) 883-5212

Europa Art: (011) 883-5354

Bride & Co: 011 807 4007

JJ Schoeman: (011) 447-5455

Thomas Sabo: 011 784 0435

Keys Fashion: 083 279 7055





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