Melissa Mash Up – Summer 2016

This summer, Melissa launches items which combine the classic and the modern, as well as the great icons of its history. Mash Up connects and blends, drawing inspiration from different cultures, traditions and nations. Mash up! This melting pot is where Melissa finds this Summer 2017 inspiration: a name that also sums up how modern society lives these days: a mix of people, spaces and cultures, due to the power of internet. We’re all together, at the same time, clicking and posting.

Melissa + Vitorino Campos.

Melissa starts the season with a brand new partnership. This time, the brand joins the Brazilian designer Vitorino Campos to create a modern collection inspired by the eye. Drawing from this concept, Melissa + Vitorino Campos create original and elegant items that blend Vitorino’s style and the recognized Melissa design.

Melissa Iris + Vitorino Campos

R1599.00melissa-irisIt is a modern flat with a sporty and futuristic mood. Iris brings a comfortable insole and tough sole, with a sophisticated tone in four color options: white, black, nude and navy. The voluminous upper and topstitching effect are some of the features inspired by Vitorino’s summer collection details.

Melissa Seduction + Vitorino Campos

R1199.00melissa-seductionThe famous Melissa flat is updated under Vitorino’s modern perspective. This comfortable shoe is enriched by the bow with topstitching effect placed on the vamp in X. The metallic detail in each foot, with the designer name initials, shows his close connection with the fashion world and his creations.

Melissa Flox + Vitorino Campos

R1399.00melisaa-floxA re-invented flox style is ready to be part of the next summer wardrobe. A combination of fine and voluminous stripes are followed by details with slight topstitching marks, perfectly balancing the impact of the tratore sole. With a glossy finish, it is a new shape for this classic, presenting the maximum concept of comfort and style.

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