The Lowdown On The Brazilian Blowout

NOTHING gives you quite the same lift as a perfect new haircut and colour. People teamed up with Karo Hair And Beauty to give our Managing Editor, Gabrielle Ozynski, a fresh cuts, rich colour and a Brazilian Blowout smoothing treatment to reenergize her look. If you’re thinking of getting a hair makeover yourself, why not throw in a Brazilian Blowout to make hair a lot more manageable?  Here’s what you can expect when you go for your treatment.

‘I had a Brazilian Blowout as my hair tends to naturally frizz and was also super dry at the ends from lowlights. I was also struggling with knots every day because of this. After the Brazilian it reduced the frizz and stopped the knotting completely. It became far more manageable and the texture is softer and silkier. Plus it felt liberating to get rid of that frizzy mess!  I adore the Keune colour – a coppery, rust gold – it’s rich and deep, in fact, one of the nicest colours I’ve ever had on my hair! I recommend a Brazilian Blowout smoothing Treatment if your hair is hard to manage!’

Thinking of going completely smooth with a Brazilin Blowout? Here’s what you can expect.

  1. Your stylist will assess hair and determine which result you would like to achieve.
  2. The Stylist will then cleanse hair with a specially formulated cleanser.
  3. After towel drying, the stylist divides hair into sections and begins to apply the Brazilian Blowout Professional Smoothing Solution from 1cm away from the scalp to the ends.
  4. The Stylist will then start to blow-dry hair until completely dry.
  5. Once the hair is completely dry, the stylist will divide the hair into four sections and being using a flat iron to seal in the solution.
  6. Once flat ironing is completed, the stylist will then rinse the hair (not shampoo) and apply Brazilian Blowout Ionic Bonding Spray to bond the cuticle.
  7. The Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Serum is then applied to assist in detangling hair prior to final blow dry and styling.

After about 80 minutes (depending on the density and amount of your hair), the treatment is completed. Enjoy your smooth, frizz-free, shiny locks for up to 12 weeks!

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