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Look Trendy While Still Protecting Your Hair

WHEN celebrities pop upon the scene with these gorgeous styles, eyes bulge and everyone asks: ‘How can I get that look?’ Truth is, the faux locks and braids trend has been popular in the hair industry for quite a while. So if you’re considering the look, how do you decide what’s right for you? Faux locks are perfect for those of us who want locks, but simply don’t want the long-term commitment and upkeep. Braids are another protective style that will help hair grow healthier and faster. Which one will you choose? Check out these celebrity-approved protective and trendy styles.


Protective styles are great for growing and maintaining the length of natural hair, but they are only effective if the hair underneath is well taken care of.

Loosen It Up

BE careful about how tightly your hair is being braided. When braids are too tight it can cause traction alopecia, which means your hair is being pulled out at the root.


KEEP your hair clean. A build-up of dirt and product will clog the pores on your scalp, which can lead to stunted hair growth and can cause fungus and bacteria to grow, resulting in a scalp infection.

Moisturise And Seal

HAVING a protective style does not mean you can forget about your own hair. Moisturising and sealing should still be a part of your regimen. If you have problems reaching some areas, use a spray bottle to distribute product.

Take A Break

MOST protective styles should not stay in for more than six to eight weeks at a time. If left in longer, the shed hair can start to clump together and become matted, causing breakage and quite possibly the need to cut your hair during take down.

Protect At Night

KEEP covering hair with a satin scarf or bonnet before you go to bed.


PROTEIN treatments are important in maintaining length and preventing breakage. Protein keeps hair strong and allows hair to be able to withstand the weight of protective styling with minimum breakage



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