Look Great During Pregnancy With Mama Mio

PREGNANCY is not an illness, it’s a state of health. Many changes take place in a woman’s body during the nine-month S-T-R-E-T-C-H, and we are here to shed some light on the common pregnancy symptoms and reassure mommies-to-be that none of the changes you experience is bad news. More often; than not, it is an indication that your bundle of joy is healthy and that you are creating the perfect home for the next nine months. Pregnancy is hard work and some might even say that it is like running a marathon that you have not trained for with unexpected obstacles in the way. If you are like most women and would like to get a head start and know what to expect when you are expecting then this is a must-read! Liza-Marie Prinsloo, Mama Mio skincare expert and training co-ordinator tells us all when it comes to taking care of yourself when expecting. Yes, you can look as good before, during and after pregnancy, just like Fix Moeti!

Look Great During Pregnancy With Mama Mio

Nausea and vomiting are usually one of the first signs of pregnancy. More than 50% of pregnant women experience morning sickness; which is a result of increased hormones in your body. Many doctors think morning sickness is a good sign because it means the placenta is developing well. For some pregnant women, the symptoms are worse in the morning and ease over the course of the day. They can, however, strike and anytime and for some women, it can last all day long. Morning sickness is common during the first trimester of pregnancy and women normally have complete relief by week fourteen.

During the second trimester of pregnancy, a mother’s heart is working 40% harder to circulate 50% more blood through her body. More blood flowing through the body means more nourishment for your growing baby. So, despite the unforeseen changes of varicose and spider veins that develop because of all the extra blood pumping through the system making them appear bigger and more obvious; it is also a sign that your baby is healthy.

Fatigue is a common symptom during pregnancy and usually occurs during the first trimester and returns during the third trimester. Making a baby is hard work and your body needs a lot of energy to build the placenta; which is ultimately the life support for your growing baby. Nearing the end of pregnancy, a woman’s placenta produces more Estrogen in one day than a non-pregnant woman will produce in three years. It is important to listen to your body when you are pregnant. Don’t try to be a super (expectant) mom. There has never been a better time for you to spend the whole day in bed or to spoil yourself with a relaxing pregnancy massage.

It is natural and healthy to gain weight during pregnancy. Your body needs to change to provide the best home for your growing baby. The average weight gain during pregnancy is 10 – 16kg; however, every mom and baby are different. Weight gain is on average distributed in the following: enlargement of breasts 0.5kg, placenta 0.7kg, amniotic fluid 1kg, enlargement of the uterus 1kg, extra blood and fluid retention 1.5kg, water 2.5kg, extra fat 2.5kg and the average weight of baby 3 – 4kg. Do not fear! The average weight loss straight after giving birth is 5 – 6kg. This accounts for the weight of the baby, placenta and the amniotic fluid alone. Studies have also shown that breastfeeding helps to assist with post-pregnancy weight loss.

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Look Great During Pregnancy With Mama Mio

As your uterus expands, aches and pains occur due to higher demand on muscles in the back, abdomen, and thighs. Muscle soreness and body aches is a common complaint during pregnancy and is usually an indication that your baby is making room to grow or your body is preparing for childbirth. Back pain goes with the territory of many pregnant women and is usually a simple matter of physics. The extra weight makes your center of gravity move pulling your spine and causing it to curve more. This puts more strain on your back and can lead to a severe backache. The good news is that in most cases muscle soreness disappears almost immediately after giving birth!

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Look Great During Pregnancy With Mama Mio

Pregnancy does not change your brain but it does affect how mentally alert you are. Surging hormone levels and new priorities explain why many women become more forgetful and have memory lapses during pregnancy. Pregnancy does not only change your brain circuits but it also shuffles what gets your attention. A lack of quality sleep is another culprit affecting your memory. Many experts believe that it is also an evolutionary change that allows new moms to prioritise and focus on their new baby and not ‘sweat the small stuff’. Take a deep breath! The good news is that only a few months after giving birth your memory will be sharp and your brain will plump back up!

Many women find that their skin looks better than ever during pregnancy. This beautiful pregnancy glow is due to the increased blood flow and fluid retention that plumps up the skin. Some women find that their nails and hair grow stronger and faster during pregnancy. The hormones secreted during pregnancy will cause your hair to grow faster and fall out less. This will leave your hair bouncing full of volume with a refined texture. Nails, like hair, also change noticeably during pregnancy. Nails are less likely to split or be brittle and tend to grow out faster with improved strength.

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Look Great During Pregnancy With Mama Mio

The reason to blame for most pregnancy complaints from mood swings to food cravings is the hormones that are circulating through your body during pregnancy. Luckily there are many ways to cope with the above changes in a smart and safe way. It is also important to remember that the changes are normal and an indication that your body is adapting to create the perfect environment for your baby to grow and be safe for the next nine months and it is a sign that your baby is healthy.

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