Liv Tyler’s Genius Hair Tip

Liv Tyler's Genius Hair Tip

Liv Tyler has revealed the secret behind her famously shiny hair – and sources say her hair tip is genius.

Liv Tyler's Genius Hair Tip
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The 33-year-old American actress is celebrated for her luscious brunette mane, which she claims is the result of a cheap beauty tip.

Despite having a range of expensive Hollywood beauty treatments made available to her, the Liv Tyler thanks old-fashioned tricks for her glossy tresses.


“My free healthy hair trick is genius. At the end of a shower, I blast my hair and skin with the cold tap,” she reveals.

“This is the best trick to make my hair shine. It is great for the circulation.”

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Liv began a modelling career at the age of 14, so she knows how to look after her skin. The beauty revealed the secret behind her glowing complexion, recognising both luxury products and more natural methods.

“I mix and match my skincare. I have two different worlds – one where I’ll use products like Crème de la Mer and the other, which is more natural,” she admitted. “I met a wonderful facialist, Margaret Hema, when I was filming Lord Of The Rings in New Zealand, and fell in love with her range of natural products.”

The natural beauty thanks her mother for highlighting the importance of having a good skincare regime early on in life, and admits she isn’t a fan of wearing too many cosmetics. Instead, she prefers to keep things simple by limiting herself to a select few products.

“I’ve minimalised my make-up and I have condensed everything. I carry around a tiny make-up bag with my favourite things and now my make-up routine takes me about three minutes,” Liv added.

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