Lisof Nandos Collab Fashion Show 2019

Fashion school LISOF  held its annual fashion show in Johannesburg on November 30 to showcase its students’ work.

Celebrating 25 years of  helping to moulding new South African designers, this year they worked in collaboration with Nandos. The chicken takeaway group provided Lisof’s second year students with pattern designs from its 2018 Hot Young Designer Talent Search.


First-year design students  showcased multiple pattern and sewing skills ‘with a unique take on ‘playground’ and ‘utopia’ themes, with third-year students pushing the envelope of their unique style using the skills they’ve learned at LISOF over the years,’ the school said.

CEO and founder of LISOF, Shana Rosenthal, believes her students are working on the cutting edge of design. “The future of fashion is here, mark my words…

“A special thank you goes out to Nando’s for giving our second-year students the inspiration they needed to push the boundaries of their design.”

Nando’s says their 2018 Hot Young Designer Talent Search ‘satisfied the brand’s craving to fire up the nation in the search for the hottest pattern designs.

Out of over 400 inspiring submissions, ten finalists were chosen and featured in several Nando’s restaurants across the country and the world.

The Hot Young Designers were in agreement that their prints be shared with LISOF’s second-year students with the goal of extending the creative expression through a translation into fashion garments’.

Tracy Lynch, Creative Director of the Nando’s Design Programme says, “As a quintessentially South African brand, we are committed to nurturing our young creative talent. Since LISOF is already inspiring the next generation of budding creatives to take flight, this is a pairing driven by passion. We couldn’t be more excited to see what the students create.

Pretty bathing suits:

“We love Southern African art and design so much that we are proud to be known as one of the world’s largest collectors of contemporary South African art and one of the biggest exporters of Southern African design to the world,” says Lynch.

Stunning neon creations:

Here are some pictures of the creative and beautiful designs from Lisof students:

Stylish jackets and a nautical feel:

More bright, eye catching neon:

Rust never sleeps:

In black and white:

Africa’s beading

Mother and child in African fabric

Gorgeous coats

Flowing tassels:

Meet me at the barre:

Beautiful quilted jackets

Evening gowns

Elegant and tailored:

We’re already looking forward to Lisof’s 2020 fashion show!